ADHD Medications Fix The PM Drop-7 The Combo Drop

ADHD Medications Fix The PM Drop-6 The Energy Drop
February 17, 2014
ADHD – The Galileo Moment
March 10, 2014

Turn ADHD Medication Side Effects Into Learning Opportunities #7 – The Combo Drop

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ADHD Meds Can Drop

What is the most frequent ADHD Medication problem? – Side effects in the afternoon when the stimulant wears off. Learn these 7 lessons from the crash. Prevent treatment failure.

This Combo Drop, readers, is the most difficult to condense in a short video simply because it results from a deep complexity of biomedical issues.

An “Intolerable” PM Crash Details Can Become “Instructive”

If you watch these videos carefully, and truly understand the side effect challenges with ADHD medications, you can help correct your entire ADHD medication treatment protocol. Learning from problems with ADHD Medication creates ADHD Med Mastery!

The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance. [Tweet This] Ben Franklin

First Post: The Teaching Drop #1/7

#1 The PM Drop Teaches Us How [Link]:Afternoon ADHD Medication Drop is the single most commonplace resistance and difficulty found in taking ADHD medication. In spite of admonitions here at CorePsych about not paying attention to metabolism or dosage strategies, very few either pay attention or attempt to clinically correct these several essential PM ADHD Medication Drop patterns. Even fewer see through this “PM ADHD Medication Drop” as useful, indeed instructive. This PM Video Crash Series will help correct that most frequent treatment failure challenge. Stay tuned for these next six PM Stimulant Drop videos: If you look forward to the schedule for Stimulant Drop videos – SUBSCRIBE Here For YouTube Updates.

Next Drop Video: The What Drop #2/7

#2: The What Drop [Link]: ADHD Medications simply stop working, Whaaaa??? Don't deny Cognitive Reality. Back to the same ol' straightforward inability to concentrate. Why not overcome the denial and  actually investigate when the meds simply don't work? Why ignore Treatment Failure? Do you understand and recognize my favorite acronym – DOE?In this video we begin to tease out discerning important dopamine challenges from serotonin challenges. Thousands of patients experience problems with this cognitive/affective conundrum because of the woeful inadequacy of the DSM 5 – the diagnostic coding book.

Next Video: The Sad Drop #3/7

#3: The Sad Drop [Link]: This is the absolute most common Emotional crash – Whining, crying and depression, feeling blue, “out-of-it” emotionally on the sad side. This video encourages a switch in clinical thinking to take readers beyond Cognition and Dopamine to consider Affect, Emotion, Feelings and Serotonin. Miss this Sad Drop and you miss more than 50% of the PM Drop ADHD Medication problems.

Next Video: The Mad Drop #4/7

#4: The Mad Drop [Link]: This PM Drop is, by far, the next most common emotional crash, after the Sad Drop – Anger, rage, exceeding sensitivity to small insults, kick the wall, throw a chair, – look out here I come. And what does the uniformed clinician call it? Right: Bipolar. This video is inform both public and professionals about what it looks like, the denial that exists around that Touchy Feeling, and the associated serotonin implications – with links to other videos on the same topic. Notice the increasing confusion with each additional, different drop – more subtlety, increasing questions, more perplexity. Remember: you can't treat the specific comorbid ADHD condition unless you recognize it! [More videos on “ET: Emotional Touchy” coming soon.]

Next Video: The Whatever Drop #5/7

#5: The Whatever Drop [Link]: Less frequent, even more subtle, but often seen as apathetic in association – “Who cares? – not me, whatever, I'm gone.” Most characteristic of this drop, the important watershed, is the emotional tone, the feeling, behind the expression. Primary Drop Differentiation: is the person suffering with #2 above, a What Drop? The What Drop has more cognitive, dopamine, a feeling of just too much information, the mental expression of the mind not working adequately. The Whatever derives from a serotonin challenge, much more emotional, defensive, upset, pushing away to protect against hurt feelings vs trouble dealing with thinking. The hurt in the Whatever is more hidden because the person is seeking to avoid that hurt so as to not display it publicly. And, yes, as you might guess, they can reveal as combined: meaning you're experiencing a simultaneous Dopamine Drop with a Serotonin Drop and both need attention at that med check. Whatever in the Afternoon: Only 4:29 min.

Next Video: The Energy Drop #6/7

#6: The Energy Drop: “I simply can't move. I'm not able to do anything but sleep. Without a stimulant I can't physically do a darn thing. I must get in bed, or feel like going to bed, when the PM Drop from ADHD medication occurs.” With this Energy Drop a different perspective arises – medical, often hormonal, even more biological. New Requirements: Improved testings, different treatment objectives. With this Energy Drop IgG, adrenal saliva, and thyroid testing results most commonly spell out additional specific interventions to correct the underlying medical challenges. See the other videos linked inside this video while you're watching it. Another important point arises in this, the #6/7: Start at the beginning here [ ]. Watch all the vids in that order from the beginning to fully understand that important ADHD medication big picture. And do Like these vids at YouTube to help spread the word – Thanks! 😉



This Video: The Combo Drop #7/7

#7: The Combo Drop: Puzzling mixed side effects beg for a more comprehensive perspective that combines these several provocative Combo Drop insights. Cover every base to turn this complicated Combo presentation around. This one will be more difficult, and probably longer… just too much info to cram into 3-4 min on YouTube. Links will be available on the description there for even more info. If you want something written to review: Download this completely revised and updated Special Report – Predictable Solutions For ADHD Medications.


Time on #7: 7:53 min


The Playlist For All 7 ADHD Medication PM Drops:

See & Subscribe: Video Playlist Here –


Wylie and The PM Drop


Each of these Drops reveals a specific underlying challenge one can address, only if correctly recognized and understood. Stay tuned and Like This Page below so your friends can review this brief video on important Energy Drop details that matter everyday.




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  1. […] ADHD Medications Fix The PM Drop-7 The Combo Drop […]

  2. Arthur says:

    Good weekend to you Dr Parker.

    I wanted to ask for your help and guidance on my situation. Firstly I wanted you to know that I loved reading your book here in the UK and found it invaluable – I am constantly picking it up and reading chapters again. I have also found you blog extremely insightful.

    I have ADHD and Type 1 Diabetes and I am a 38 year old male. I followed your guidance and dialed my Vyvanse in on the DOE carefully to 40mg givinh me a 13 hour coverage. I also take Zoloft at 150mg to avoid 2D6 interactions.

    After about 6 months it stopped working and made me anhedonic and zombie like after a small dose. So I have followed your advice and obtained a IgG Food screening avoiding all foods diligently including Eggs, Dairy and Gluten completely.
    I also control my blood glucose carefully, checked for parasites dilligently and order trace mineral analysis which I have corrected with supplements including Omega 3 and Paleocleanse.
    I do not take alcohol or caffeine either.

    Despite all these efforts the medication still does not work and even small doses of dexedrine make me feel stoned and much worse.

    More recently I have measured neurotansmitters and attempted to correct with advice using relevant precursors – but to no avail!!

    I am unsure of what other interventions I can make but having read some articles on Diabetes I understand that sugar levels and insulin affect Dopamine production. My symptoms are poor self management

    If you have any ideas based on this brief synopsis I would be most grateful..

  3. Detroit Mom says:

    Hello Dr. Parker. The PM drop video series is one of your best. Several questions – can non-stimulant based Intuniv cause a similiar drop if underdosed, as stimulants? Even though it is supposed to be a 24-hour medication. Does Intuniv only increase glutamine or does it also increase dopamine, possibly leading to the afternoon serotonin drop? Also, please consider a video on healing metabolic/adrenal issues. I am unclear on the processes to address metabolic issues, once they are identified. Obviously the immune issue of any food intolerances can be addressed by diet changes. However, I really want to know more about how long it usually takes to see systemic immune issues improve, how to fix a “leaky gut” and what to expect during the detoxification process, and how to keep the gut working. Also, how long to turn around underperforming adrenal function. Thank you.

    • Detroit,
      Thanks Mom for your kind remarks, and appreciate your suggestions. I’m planning on doing a whole series of metabolic vids, just have to find the time and the structure to make it happen.

      On Intuniv: It’s glutamate, and, from my own experience, I rarely see a firm drop, but nevertheless attempt to chase down the DOE as it can reveal dosage inadequacies. If the Intuniv dose is right on, no drop. If it’s off a bit the afternoon can wear out. SEARCH the many articles I have on dosage for Intuniv – this one in particular:

      Thanks again!

  4. Alice Thornton says:

    Hello Dr Parker,

    I have found elimination of IgG positive foods to be extremely beneficial and would reccommend such steps to others who read your blog.

    I wanted to ask if you could explain to me the etiology/causes of IgG food sensitivities:
    1.) Do they develop purely because of Leaky Gut?
    2.) Why are Eggs and Milk the most prevalent of sensitivities/allergies recognized by the immune system?

    3.) I am gluten sensitive but do not have access to the Cyrex Arrays for cross reactive foods – should I just listen to the Igg or eliminate all foods known to cross react?

    Best from South Africa.

    • Alice,
      Thanks from across the world!
      You are a clever woman that would love all the details and you can get many of the at no cost in these playlists of vids.

      ADHD Meds Tutorial – Overview:
      ADHD Meds Dosage:
      >>> ADHD Meds Problems – Mind and Gut:
      >>> ADHD Meds & Allergies – Overview Milk and Wheat:
      >>> ADHD Meds & Allergies – Street Immunity Details:

      If you want to listen to 29 of the worlds experts review almost 30 hours of deep IgG physiology detail:
      See the Gluten Summit Library of Recordings and Presentations Here:

      Your questions, unfortunately, really need all that background to understand at the depth it appears you’re interested.
      Stay tuned – I’ll be giving a complimentary video seminar on all of this later this summer available on your computer.
      Warm regards,

  5. […] ADHD Medications Fix The PM Drop-7 The Combo Drop […]

  6. Mike says:

    I find, at least with me, the “serotonin/dopamine see saw” can be very tricky.
    If I get the ssri (in this case Cipralex (Lexapro)) up high enough to have a decent antidepressant effect, I’m an absolute zombie and all I want to do is sleep. My friends would call me “Captain Tired” which I fully agreed with!
    This causes the stimulants to not even work! I was escalating my dosage of Vyvanse and Adderall XR at every med check until we had to say “Okay, 250mg of Vyvanse and 30mg Adderall XR t.i.d. is enough!”. We are definitely “chasing our tails” (But in West Vancouver, not Missouri! (LOL!)

    I’m looking forward to talking with you. I’m just waiting for Desiree to get back to me with some time slots for the phone consult.

    Thanks for the video
    The pieces are slowly but surely fitting together after 23 years of chronic fatigue!

    • Mike,
      Without talking to you I can safely speculate w those dosages, w your reaction to Lexapro, and your chronic fatigue that you very likely have serious metabolic adrenal issues, fit the Energy Drop and Serotonin Spectrum [one or all of those 3] Drop and absolutely qualify as in this vid for testing and getting it right. I look forward to talking as I am 80% likely to be right w/o saying a word to you. Testing will turn the tide.

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