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New ADHD Medication Rules
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See if you meet criteria for these 5 Complimentary gifts:

  • You think you might have ADHD, but aren't sure about that ADHD diagnosis in the first place
  • You have previously failed ADHD treatment with confusing medications over years
  • You are taking ADHD medications and don't know what to expect on any level
  • You would love to access treatment, but fear the multiple issues with stimulant medications
  • You have a loved one who is taking ADHD medications and can't figure out what's going on
  • You are a professional who treats ADHD with stimulant medications and feel confused
  • You are a health professional who counsels patients who suffer with ADHD but remain confused by ADHD Meds
  • You are an employer with employees who suffer with ADHD and don't have clue how to understand them
  • You are an interested consumer who wonders about problems with meds used for ADHD 
  • You wonder about precise diagnosis but feel fed-up with superficial, vague labels that don't work
  • You wonder how you can get the meds right if you don't know specific dosing strategies
  • Did I leave anyone out? – Very likely… so,

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1 + 2. > Two Complimentary Audio Programs Detailing

  • The Problems With Diagnosis and Treatment as outlined in these two audio programs
  • 1. The Necessary Solutions [37 min] for the 10 Biggest Problems with ADHD Meds just freshened up, direct to you, listen or download to mp3 – Parker outlines the problems.
  • 2. The Coffee Klatch, a 1 hr program on ADHD Meds for Special Needs Children with Marianne Russo, a NYC expert for special needs children.
  • Both programs outline our CorePsych ADHD Medication System to Help Keep it All Together With Your Medical Provider

3. > A Succinct, Easy, Complimentary Checklist: The 10 Biggest Problems with ADHD Medications

4. > A Complimentary Game-Changing 23 Page Free Special Report:
Predictable Solutions For the 10 Most Common Challenges with ADHD Medications

5. > A Complimentary Sample Digital Chapter from the First Digital Edition of New Rules Just a taste of what you'll get in either of the new editions [paper or digital ebook] of New Rules. – Indispensable if you or yours take ADHD Meds.

Re: #4 – Predictable Solutions – For The 10 Biggest Problems With ADHD Meds – Benefits:

  • This Special Report is a comprehensive outline of New ADHD Medication RulesI plan to keep you informed about New Rules initiatives – on this email list you will receive New Rules updates and planned educational events.
  • You will be better able to understand ADHD meds with this white paper the day you receive it.
  • It contains multiple links to the many posts and references I have been speaking and writing about for the last ~ 4 years at CorePsych Articles
  • Including specific notes on the evolving diagnosis of ADHD
  • Including multiple notes on comorbid diagnosis and ADHD, depression, anxiety, bipolar, brain injury
  • Including specific notes and reference resources on drug-drug interactions
  • Including specific durations of each stimulant medication, and how to use them with dosing
  • Including specific notes on the Therapeutic Window to use with your medical team
  • Including suggestions about how to work with your medical team on every medication check

– For Your Predictable Solutions

Sign Up HereTo Receive These Complimentary Gifts – I know you will appreciate my new, more scientific  perspective… why?

Because New ADHD Medication Rules is the only book available in the world that sets out to get your meds dialed in as perfectly as possible.
– Simply because my specific details work far better than repeatedly throwing medication guesses against the wall.
– Yes, I plan to keep our team regularly updated with common sense solutions so we don't keep repeating the same mistakes.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.
Albert Einstein



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PS: Remember, I wrote these New ADHD Medication Rules because I have seen the hardship, and have presented since 1996 in every corner of the country with my medical colleagues. I know the practice patterns in the US and globally.  If there's a potential mistake with any ADHD medications, new or old, I've made it – and corrected it. Some of my best teachers are the many insightful patients seen through the years. And, remember, New Rules is the only book that's available for both patients and family for those who suffer with these ADHD medication challenges.

PPS: This New Rules system of brain function measurements significantly redefines the ADHD diagnosis and treatment process – with improved, specific answers. It addresses how to correct problems from previous treatment, and significantly prevents problems with medications from the outset. With New ADHD Medication Rules you will have a map for the challenging territory of stimulant medication management.

PPPS: If you sign up now you will place yourself on this mailing list for other specials down the road – some specific training and coaching teleseminars regarding ADHD, medications, and other informed interventions. Thanks, hope you enjoy these complimentary applications. Do drop me a note if you have any further suggestions or remarks after reading it.

– and do let me know what you think!


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