Why: If you don't look, you can't see. Search inside this porthole for specific keywords in over 460 articles from 9 years of detailed CorePsych reports on why-evidence, how-to-understand-evidence, and what-to-do with those improved mind markers – beyond beliefs and appearances. Laboratory measures provide new standards for informed care to address treatment failure.


How: Video training abbreviates your learning curve. Travel behind my 1956 Science Fair lecture in Dexter, MO on my collection of butterflies & insects to connect with essential Core YouTube training videos. Specifics matter. These pithy videos and playlists provide useful maps for specific details on mind and body connections that create imbalances.


What: Stick your toes in the water. First understand and then document your personal biomedical data objectives – to precisely target new Core mind/body interventions. Maps help, but you must inevitably travel forward to arrive at new destinations. CoreTracks provides both guides and a personal path for your travels through your time.

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