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March 17, 2014
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May 18, 2014

Candida, Yeast Questions For Treatment Failure

Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so.
Galileo ~1640

Two Tools To Measure: Yeast Questionnaires

Candida Yeast Questions

Candida Causes Treatment Failure

This short post simply provides two more important tools for your clinical mind-inquiry toolbox – even beyond ADHD. At CorePsych we frequently see individuals with heart breaking Treatment Failure who simply don't improve after trying everything – especially after using a variety of psychiatric medications with exemplary medical participation.

I've experienced these clinical findings repeatedly at CorePsych before understanding these important, measurable candida challenges. For example: I've worked hard to investigate every medical angle, from laboratory measurements, to meds, to supplements – all well documented with hard laboratory data to assemble highly specific intervention strategies.

The clinical presentation is: Treatment Failure. I know the cause is biomedical, but just can't find the culprit in the tests I've used – because the patient doesn't yet respond.

Consider Gut Yeast

For many with treatment failure: consider a possible Candida yeast invasion2 – living in your entire bio-system – for years. From ADHD to Bipolar, to Autism and Psychosis, candida can create remarkably diverse symptom presentations [link to article by Dr Crook].

See this excellent Test Results summary with references from Dr Shaw at Great Plains Labs for Candida pathophysiology involved with various psychiatric conditions including Autism, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, & Fibromyalgia.


The Problem – Treatment Failure

Witness this oft-repeated psychiatric office Treatment Failure scenario: Phase 1: The patient doesn't respond to good medicine and precise psychiatric medical treatment strategies. Phase 2: Taking the Treatment Failure presentation a bit further the doctor has stepped out the traditional psych-meds-only box to explore additional biomedical testing to evaluate Phase 1 Treatment Failure. Excellent findings from biomedical testing with, for example, neurotransmitters, IgG, and Tissue Mineral analysis provide helpful results, and the patient improves somewhat. But the patient is still not improving fully – something is missing.


CorePsych Laboratory Data Details

Consider the reality of comorbid Candida. Review the multiple candida references in the books below.2  And do review this comprehensive review regarding specific Candida Testing from the lab we use at CorePsych: Great Plains Laboratory

Deep Laboratory Candida Testing Details: Here 


IgG & OATS Testing at CorePsych – Detailed PDF, Pg 2


Start: Short and Long Yeast Questionnaires

It's time for preliminary home Candida Screening with either one or both of these two easy, easily downloadable tests:


> Test A: Next Step – Candida Screening Short Form


With More Clinical Certainty: Consider This Long Form

> Test B: Candida Screening Long Form – Dr. Crook


Candida Healing SummitMust Attend: Heal Your Gut

> Affiliate Link:


Start: Donna Gates Body Ecology PDF & Candida Book Here

> Download Her Candida Seminar in PDF:


Overviews: Videos On Clinical Relevance



Videos: How and Why Candida Testing


Books on Yeast Medical Challenges and Yeast Diet Details

> CoreBrain Books: Yeast


Book: The Biofilm Relevance For Lyme


Excellent Candida Diet Plan For Positive Candida Testing



PDF Graphics On Candida Growth – Hyphae

> Nature Reviews – 149 References


Learn About The Inevitable Next Step: Biofilm


Herx: Beware The Herxheimer Reaction

Wikipedia Resource: Link For The Herx

We treat this Herx reaction very specifically at CorePsych


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More soon… use these tools to get started.

Dr Charles Parker
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1 Shaw, W, Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD, [Chpt 3, Yeast and It's Relationship to Autism], 2008.
2 Candida at CoreBrain Books, Multiple References for review  at Amazon.


  1. Mike Collins says:

    Hello again Dr Parker!

    I haven’t visited my “home site” in a while. I’ve been off in internet land doing health research.
    I think of your site as kind of an information “home base” with lots of sign posts to find additional helpful information!

    Anyway I think I found some information that may be helpful for anyone taking stimulant medication in regards to candida, (which my naturopath suspects I have along with adrenal fatigue). Please correct me if I am wrong on any of this:

    It is quite common knowledge throughout the stimulant patient community that “any acidic foods and supplements with vitamin C should be avoided when dosing amphetamine products (exception is Vyvanse) eg.- No chasing your Dexedrine with orange juice since the drug tends to get neutralized by acidic compounds.
    Instead, to increase absorption, one should consume something more alkaline, like Tums or baking soda mixed with water.”

    While this might improve absorption in the short term, many people already have problems with digestion due to low stomach acid. On top of that it provides the perfect environment for candida to proliferate, which is an alkaline one according to this video at 1:36 –

    This alkalizing practice may contribute to making someone worse if they unknowingly have candida.

    What I am wondering about is whether stimulant medication should be avoided during a candida / adrenal fatigue protocol (?)
    My adrenals are shot!
    My naturopath said my adrenal stress test is the “worst she has ever seen”

    Once again, Thank you for your wonderful site Dr Parker!

    • Mike,
      Excellent advice on Tums and Candida. No problem taking stimulant meds whilst simultaneously treating Candida issues. At CorePsych we have a Nystatin protocol to start, then move forward with less prescriptions and more supplements to keep Candida at bay, after that first Nystatin intervention.

      Yes, adrenals and other hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, and thyroid are all often imbalanced by chronic Candida.
      Thanks for your kind remarks – best to you and yours over the Holidays!

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  4. Sisson says:

    Great Article Dr Parker! I found that Nystatin and Turmeric cleared my Candida up quite quickly and I noticed huge improvements in my EF.

    For the IgG testing under what circumstances do you refer people to Cyrex rather than Great Plains lab testing? Does the Cyrex offer substantially improved accuracy?

    • Sisson,
      Love Cyrex as we include them here:, and use them for several reasons-
      1. Precise measurement of leaky gut.
      2. Gluten looks quiet on standard IgG, but gluten provides clinical suspicion
      3. Both Labs are often covered by insurance, meaning we can select either lab
      4. Cross tolerances for other foods: milk, wheat and or eggs.

      Thanks, glad this helped!

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