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Always Drive Your Own Train

Yes, you can get there from here…
but you do have to go.

Complexity and Change Is Always Confusing

Any change at any time in your life introduces new complexities, new realities, that can spell the difference between moving forward and getting stuck. To deny or ignore those new, changing details leads to developmental arrest. Dealing with the process of change leads to solutions that can take you to new destinations, new people, new experiences you can use to make your life a contribution.

First understand your next steps, then take them.


New Realities – New Rules

With inevitable life changes some New Rules apply – consider:

  • The most important partnership activity in your change process is dancing with your remaining time. It's your life, you only get one.
  • Chronic problems don’t have acute solutions – they take time, and with change over time you need a workable plan, not just a wish.
  • Chronic problems require more attention for those perplexing subtle details.
  • Change requires a different language, a different worldview, at a pace that works specifically for you.
  • Change requires sustained mastery effort.
  • If the change process was easily understood or patently simple everyone would do it.
  • If it were that easy you would have started your journey much sooner.
  • First address the obvious – that’s basic. Then look at the details of what’s not working well.
  • That next step for a lifetime: Always look deeply for answers – from within, and from mentors who care about your individual progress.
  • Watch yourself practice even small steps. Keep score on yourself.
  • Relationships spell the difference between a reality that's only in your head, and the reality of fellow humans who care.


Confirmation About What Works Best Here



Our CoreTracks Personal Experience

At CorePsych all of us at every team level regularly deal with new information, new concepts, new language and new objectives as determined by two mastery markers:

  1. Our own pain. Pain is less a burden if it teaches.
  2. Hard data. Evolving testing data that shows what’s broken – either biologically, or interpersonally. Reality changes perceptions. Remember: Galileo.

Our team knows that dealing with that complexity right from the beginning can spell the difference between real treatment success and progress – or failure, living along the way in dreams, missing the journey. To that end we keep up with the emerging psychological and medical science to translate it into useful strategies for CoreTracks.


CoreTracks Travels

CoreTracks provides a system for staying on your new train for the duration of your travels, until you reach your journey’s end. We hope you never get off, even after you leave our travels together. Those passing stations, those new towns along the way will always be interesting, but, in the end destinations change. Traveling is about the process.

Ours is a global problem. Studies show that the most commonplace and challenging oversight for those with medical or psychological problems is solution follow up – supportive professional insights delivered in a timely manner – not just an occasional next medication/supplement check. Details matter. Guesswork is out. Planning with a systems approach is in.

CoreTracks provides insights and a workable structure for you to get there. From relationship management and interpersonal skill training, to how to fix painful chronic medical problems, CoreTracks provides a personal training experience in the convenience of your own home with some of the best medical and coaching tools available.


Your Fellow Travelers

You’ll share your CoreTracks travels with teammates from all over the world. You will share insights, encouragement, and specific fresh perspectives from chosen fellow travelers who wish to grow and travel with you.

And consider this: if the original developers of CoreTracks software worked so successfully with deeply skeptical PhD’s trying to finish the complexity of their doctoral dissertations, it can help you overcome your own internal barriers. They were hard core do-it-yourselfers.


Get Set For Follow Up

How you follow and track yourself, how you set your recovery pattern, how you help yourself, is the most essential first step. Our team responsibility is to keep you on track with your own big picture, to help you set that pattern up in the first place, make it easy to work it, and then help with inevitable bumps along the road.

We’ve helped many hundreds of individuals define and accomplish their goals over the years, but until we set up CoreTracks we didn’t have access to either a workable vehicle or fit companions for your life’s working process over time. We didn't know how to apply the power of the team.

The CoreTracks Plan

The CoreTracks Plan is simple: use trained guides and state of the art maps for your next life-altering journey – beyond your dreams into the realities of the new world you will create for yourself and those you love.



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