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These resources will contribute to both your interesting journey-process and your expedient arrival at your next specific life-station. It takes a team.

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Blue Water Markers For Advanced Navigation

This list of people and resources I've tried, worked with, and ultimately mastered on my own, after many speed bumps with a variety of different traveling companions over my 10 years out here. They will help you understand the essentials of trust and connection, build your list, brand your site, network at meetings, manage your publications, and streamline appointments with records for improved follow up with clients.

If I can do it, you can. I weeded out, over the years, many that simply didn't cut the mustard for our busy professional lives.

Yes, these are affiliate links – it doesn't cost more for you to use them from my Resources here – and I will receive a small reimbursement if you ultimately find use for them – some compensation for years of sorting what-works-best, vs. hours of wasted time and money. Every resource listed here I personally love. Each one excites our team every day as we repeatedly receive accolades from our global community.

Take the time to check out each one of these remarkable solutions – every one of them can solve problems you didn't even know you had.

Lead Pages To Build Your List

If you have a website and know the value of building a list, then you should absolutely use Lead Pages. It's remarkably easy, you can put together any variety of great pages, boxes with buttons, and links to give your readers and listeners more access to your effective lessons, comments and teaching modules.  Try the Green and Blue Download buttons just the right on the sidebar here >, and also on this CorePsych Services page to see how easily Lead Pages works to build your email list. If you don't regularly build your list, you will remain local forever. – Strongly recommended to build that  group of absolutely devoted listeners – that's why it's first on this list. Here:

Pretty Link Pro

This second link is so remarkable it probably should be listed first. It's a WordPress plugin that just keeps working every day, all day. Just take a brief look at everything I'm doing in every social media, on every page of my more recent postings, and you will see, as in the /leadpages link just above, how I've shortened and branded every important link that I've spent hours on, – to link, brand, and build easy connections to CorePsych. Customer service to the max – it's so easy to remember: CorePsych/ + what works. Pretty Link Pro is, with it's great stats, easy management tools, and easily replaced new links when you upgrade your materials… just outstanding! Use the same Pretty Link, but send it out a different PDF or URL. With Pro you can easily see how many of your links open of those clicked. Our entire team loves Pretty Links. Go Pro:

Moo Business Cards

I first learned about Moo Cards whilst chatting in a plane bound for a speaking gig in the exotic city of Roanoke, VA, next to a cinematographer, a serious artist and photographer, who writes for National Geographic, Men's Journal, and Outside to name a few. That exceedingly interesting conversation was sealed, no, not just with a handshake, but his digging under the seat in his canvas backpack for a card… – not just any card, but his remarkable Moo Card. I was hard-converted on the spot – a near baptism. I've made my own, perhaps some of you have seen them at various conferences: Professionalize and differentiate yourself – separate from the pack with these outstanding cards and thank-you notes. First Class is right there, passed along from your quality work to their waiting hands:


The future for all of us must include the most advanced ‘customer/client' customization and personalization – quite a mouthful, but so absolutely true. My practice for years has repeatedly driven down that road of precise thinking, best maps and individualized care – you know that. Yes, we all do sell our products, our ideas and our perspectives. Some give it away, some very reasonably seek to keep their hard earned ideas and useful facts in some kind of customized delivery system. Yes, it's more expensive, but it does trickle down to – ‘what you pay for is what you get.' My team has used Infusionsoft for years now – just about when I first started blogging in '06 – and it was much more difficult to use at the outset than it is now. If I can manage Infusionsoft, you can too. So much is so easily automated. Break up your lists, get your autoresponder protocol together and you will see how it works to provide even more value, greater benefit from your care, your office, your industry than those who either don't work at connections, or don't keep up with those that they already have. Geek credentials: not necessary. I love it, and my VA's love it, even thought they didn't start out as serious geeks in the first place:

vCita Appointments301687179_80_80

Quite honestly, CorePsych often remains simply overwhelming – with an abundance of small, important details that in the past interfered with our follow ups, our responses to questions, even scheduling new evaluations. But, as you well know, new help costs money, and training new help costs even more in time and training problems. Thanks to vCita our appointment, intake and personalized follow up has dramatically improved with this quite simple, and low cost tool. When you look at our CorePsych Appointment page remember: I built this vCita page, this non-geek guy simply followed directions – and the good news: it works like a charm. Just notice the Appointments and Contact pop up possibilities in the lower right of this posted page and throughout our CorePsych website. This is your easily remembered Pretty Link Pro-branded link to test drive vCita:  – And this link will show you am example of how I've connected another easy, branded Pretty Link Pro short URL with our vCita Appointments landing page: It's memorable, easily available, and keeps track for list building and followup.

The Least Expensive, Most Important Biomedical Test

Try this link to download this useful, complimentary Transit Time Tool for metabolic insights, and see how Lead Pages works with those Infusionsoft autoresponders for follow up emails: Transit Time Testing Instructions are complimentary, the real cost is less than a dollar [can of corn] to explore years of Treatment Failure, and I can connect with even more beneficial insights through followup CorePsych News. Benefits abound.

Do drop a comment here if you have further suggestions:

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