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December 29, 2014
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October 12, 2015

Candida Testing Makes Sense With IgG Challenges

Candida testing, candida bowel, candida mattersIf you don't measure you simply won't know what is going on. Candida testing is remarkably available, quite predictable, and once identified can significantly improve treatment outcomes in psychiatric conditions. Oftentimes candida grows more easily downstream from other IgG immunity issues such as food sensitivities to milk, wheat and eggs.

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Far too often physical medical folk overlook the connection – that real, measurable medical connection – the pathological connection between chronic body challenges and specific brain, psychiatric imbalances. Allergists focus, as they should, on the serious medical issues that arise with IgE issues. Those interested in treatment for mental health issues, brain imbalances, identify and treat different targets. Body targets frequently present as more obvious – brain targets present as more obscure, more difficult to identify, and more challenging to assess treatment progress. Understandably, the subtlety of brain function simply isn't on their radar. Not a problem, it's still clinically measurable, and connected to laboratory test findings.


Clinical: To Download Candida Testing Questionnaires

See this CorePsych posting on questionnaires for Candida Testing from a year ago – with specific videos on Candida challenges that arise from hidden, not easily recognizable clinical presentations. More often than not Candida resides in secret, in chronic, refractory body closets, not available to superficial review. Candida creates problems from ADHD to, more recently discovered, specific encouragement for Alzheimer's. Informed brain care requires careful candida review. Candida markers matter.


Laboratory: Candida Testing Overview

It's time to review this easy Video Playlist on why-and-how for Candida Testing. These videos show the value of how more than one test – both IgG and OATS – can prove useful in revealing underlying pathology. IgG tests for antibodies, markers that show your body is on Candida Immunity Alert, and OATS with markers that show current Candida Activity.


Candida Testing Videos: 5 Short Videos + Detailed Webinar


Excellent Candida Diet Plan After Positive Candida Testing


NB: No economic affiliation with Great Plains, but I do use their Candida Testing process at CorePsych after years of testing with a variety of labs. Great Plains results are easily translated in the evaluation process.

See what you think, and please forward if these observations prove useful.

Dr Charles Parker
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  1. David says:

    Thank you so much for explaining. I think your reasoning makes sense – I appreciate the scientific background because many myths are propagated by the internet.

    In the UK I am unable to get anti-fungal treatment for Candida (having had it identified by the OAT test through Great Plaines).

    I have tried a diet and all the herbs & vitamins & probiotic that are ‘antifungal’ but they have not helped. Is it possible to get antifungal medications sent through from the US if I were a patient of yours?

    • David,
      Yes we do consults often in the UK but can’t write for meds over there without risking problems. I do have a Nystatin and specific supplement protocol we use over here, but often experience the same consternation in the US as many simply don’t get chronic candida treatment. So the short answer is no on the medications from my office… but the longer answer is that we might be helpful with how to work with your doc over there as we do make a serious effort to work everywhere with medical colleagues.

  2. David says:

    Is there any real evidence that Candida is a health problem and not pseudo-science? A search on pubmed does not link candida to mental health problems.

    Please could you explain to me how Candida causes ADHD / Depression / Bipolar etc?

    Amongst the thousands of articles that mention Candida as a health problem there does not seem to be any explanation of how Candida causes issues.

    Many Thanks


    • David,
      Take a look at the literature on IgG and immunity issues as related to brain function, covered voluminously here at CorePsych – therein is the rub. Cytokine messengers downstream from sensitivity to candida, milk, eggs and wheat can directly drive competition at the neurotransmitter receptor sites. Faulty neurotransmission causes cognitive, prefrontal dysfunction creating symptoms of ADHD, – that may clear completely when the offending antigen is addressed. Do also take a look at the videos linked on the back of this PDF for more explanations with specific testing outcomes –

      Also ‘Google Brain Fog and Candida’ from many more references.

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