Vitamin D3: Swine Flu, Depression, Autism

Vitamin D3 Needs Attention On Several Levels – Just take the time to go through these many Vitamin D3 links, and do watch this video by Dr John Cannell. We have been hearing about the importance of D3 with depression for years, and know that it is directly connected with good thyroid function – now think D3 and Swine Flu

Depression and Vitamin D Deficiency: Overlooked

Vitamin D Deficiency and Depression: Undetected is Untreated

Yes, I am still going on about all those comorbid conditions that can drive a person into “incurable” depression. The references in this post require some careful review for anyone interested in why the meds don’t work for serious depression.

If you read either of these two references you will quickly see how Vitamin D deficiency is a common condition, more common in African Americans, and will understand why Vitamin D levels make such a difference. Each of these references is loaded with many additional Pub Med references, so they will keep you busy as you wish.

Are you interested in basic science? How about anthropology? How about bird flu? Read on.

First start with the Vitamin D Council: