Notes On ADD: CorePsychPodcast

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Some of you may not be tuned into my audio site over at CorePsychPodcast, so just to let you know today I sent over an audio MP3 file, downloadable from iTunes, and playable on your machine.

Today, Episode 3: The Wrong Meds – Why they don’t work

In previous programs:
Episode 1: Diagnosis – I discussed the diagnosis of ADD and how
we can understand prefrontal cortical function in the office. If we
think biologically, functionally, we are closer to making the
diagnosis. It’s all about thinking and acting in time. Kinda like dancing.

Episode 2: Right Meds – How they work. After we make the diagnosis,
let’s think more carefully about the use of meds. They do work, but
only if considered correctly on the front end. Titration, dosage, and
selection of meds based upon 1/2 life [duration of effectiveness] are
all important subjects.

and for today: