Psychiatric Drugs: New Science, Better Outcomes

We used to think the only way to address complicated mental health conditions was to just keep trying different medication based on superficial diagnostic speculations. The world, my friends, is changing dramatically – just a bit to fast for some.

ADHD Medication Problems: Why They Don’t Work

ADHD Problems: The Cause For ADHD Symptoms – More Than Simple Dopamine Deficiency With just a little more investigation we can see what we intuitively already know well: Those excellent ADHD meds simply not only don’t work for everyone – they can become quite unpredictable if we aren’t careful. This post both lists the reasons…

ADHD And NeuroScience – San Francisco

Image via Wikipedia ADHD Solutions Evolve With NeuroScience Evidence About a year ago I traveled out to Sacramento, San Jose and San Francisco for three days of speaking to medical professionals who focus on treating ADHD, – and loved the opportunity to discuss the many new insights on the evolving pharma side of ADHD life…

CoreBrain Training – Bench to Trench In DC

Have you been thinking about all of this new brain and body neuroscience material, – but just don’t have your arms wrapped around the translation from functional neurophysiology to the most effective office applications? This meeting will show you how.

Urinary Neurotransmitters Measured

Just in case you aren’t sure, and want a clear, definitive set of references on all this complexity – I’m loading up this new paper just for you. Do read it – 3 pages of refs