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Read: Choosing a Consultant as a place to start the process.

Dr Parker’s Services tells you how to use specific service process – with downloads, forms and procedure outlines.

——– Neurotransmitter Testing: We use NeuroScience Inc

  1. Specific References on the Applicability and Validity of Urinary Neurotransmitter Testing - a comprehensive review paper published at Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews – 2010 Marc, et al Neurotransmitters excreted in the urine as biomarkers of nervous system activity:  Validity and clinical applicability
  2. Neuroscience Testing Procedures On One Page: NS Testing
  3. Deep Slide Presentation: Gottfried Kellerman PhD, CEO Presents an excellent overview of Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology: How these three measurable systems communicate to contribute to biologically based core psych imbalances.
  4. Product List:Linked details at NeuroScience – and  Quick Reference Chart
  5. Tests Available: One Page – Neuroscience Tests Available pdf
  6. Website link to print specifics on neurotransmitters: Names, actions, indications and significance. See the PDFs there for the specific pathways.
  7. Best article on Urinary Neurotransmitter Analysis as a Biomarker for Psychiatric Disorders [70 pgs 26 refs]: Biomarker PDF
  8. Excellent article on Neurotransmitter Myths and Misconceptions: Myths and Misconceptions Download PDF
  9. Audio Programs: Link for all of the MP3 Audio programs on the use of neurotransmitter and hormonal testing
  10. Autism Article: Neuroimmunology of Autism Spectrum Disorder 4 pages multiple references, excellent review, connecting neurotransmitter issues with immune dysfunction.

——– Vitamin D-3 Information

  1. Video on D3 and H1N1 Virus: Help with Swine Flu: Cannell on YouTube
  2. JJ Cannell†, BW Hollis, M Zasloff & RP Heaney, “Diagnosis and treatment of Vitamin D deficiency,” Expert Opin. Pharmacother. (2008) 9(1):1-12 Vit D3 Overview PDF Download
  3. See this excellent overview for the latest article on D3 Dosing and Testing: Use of Vit D3 In Clinical Practice, Download PDF
  4. Excellent overview article from Life Extension Magazine on D3

——– Immune Dysfunction Testing: Overview of LRA/ELISA ACT Lymphocyte Reaction Assay/Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay

  1. Dr Russell Jaffe discusses the ELISA testing in detail [39 pgs, 191 references]: Dr Russell Jaffe: Why Use ELISA, Download PDF
  2. ELISA ACT testing at CorePsych explained, with references: ELISA ACT Overview: Download PDF
  3. LRA/ELISA ACT How-to for the Blood Draw and Sending: ELISA Process Download PDF ElISA Preparation Protocol
  4. Health Assessment Questionnaire – Essential Additional Questions for ELISA Testing. ELISA Health Questions Download PDF
  5. Accuracy of LRA/ELISA ACT reviewed: ELISA Accuracy Download PDF
  6. Information about how to prepare for ELISA testing:ELISA Test Preparation Protocol Download

——– Hormone Testing With Labrix

  1. Saliva vs Serum commentary from Labrix Labs:
  2. Saliva vs Serum commentary and explanation by Dr John Lee with additional links and references.

——– Vit C Calibration

  1. For years researchers have documented the specific need for Vitamin C augmentation from osteoporosis to fibromyalgia – these instructions from a molecular physiologist will tell you how to correct Vit C deficiencies exactly.
  2. This comprehensive PDF will tell you how to calibrate your specific required level of buffered Vit C, with 30 peer reviewed references, by Perque Labs: [Download Patient Vit C Calibration from Perque]
  3. This is my abbreviated, easier to read version: [One page easy translation Vit C Calibration]
  4. This ‘calibration’ process sounds quite odd at first, but can prove most helpful in chronic conditions – follow the directions carefully; and remember to go off of it slowly, if you decide to diminish your intake later.
  1. Hi Dr. Parker,

    I was diagnosed with borderline ADHD when I was 7 years old. I did fairly well in school all the way through college. I never took medications. But when I graduated (computer science degree) and started working as an application developer full time, I noticed that I had a lot of trouble paying attention and completing work on time. It even started to affect my personal life, It seems like I would forget dates because I wouldn’t even be paying attention when people spoke to me. I don’t know why this was all triggered at this stage in my life but I decided to see my doctor about it. Starting three years ago, she placed me on Vyvanse and titrated me up to 50mg dosage. It worked well for a while (around two years it seemed) and then I started having some severe memory issues. I would twist words around in my sentences, completely forget what I read within 5 minutes. It was like I had no short term memory whatsoever. So I decided to try a different medication. I started Strattera. I was on it for three months and it caused some pretty bad constipation which I could not tolerate, so I then tried Concerta for about four months. This was working until I started having these fits of rage for no reason. After that I decided to give Vyvanse another try which is what I am on now. I titrated up to 40mg this time which I thought was too much because I started having the same memory issues. So I went back down to 30mg – My current dose. Today was the first day of this dosage. I felt like I had a nervous breakdown at work. I could still concentrate but I experienced a wave of anger and depression that made me feel like I just wanted to break down, cry and at the same time scream. This lasted for hours. I just felt paralyzed. Was this the effect of lowering my dose? I am so frustrated with ADHD meds, I don’t know what to do anymore. Should I continue taking Vyvanse? Do I have other options?

    Thank you for your time.

    • Elliot,
      All I can offer is some speculation without speaking to you personally in more detail.

      It sounds like the 50 was too much, out the top of the Window, and 40 as well. The crash could result from the fact that you and your doc may have increased the dose in an unrecognized effort to chase down the drop in the PM [I've done that many times!] The drop, could be caused by serotonin challenges that remain covered by the nearly effective dosing of Vyvanse. I was fully expecting you to tell me that the 30 would be perfect.

      I don’t like to think or behave categorically but I do think the dosing issue is related to serotonin challenges described in this Video Playlist on Dosage.

  2. Dr. Parker,

    I’m a junior at Hiram College earning my BA in Neuroscience. Just recently I was diagnosed with ADD(inattentive) and was started on 60 mg of Vyvanse. I initially felt this dose was high after reading the Rx and certainly knew it was high when I took my first dose and had far to much euphoria, tachycardia, and worsened attention. Initially I would eyeball half the capsule contents and mix it in a small cup of water and split doses that way. The DOE was spot on and I felt focused and certainly noticed a drastic improvement in my cognition especially in more complex mathematics.

    My problem is that after just 4 weeks I am now taking the full 60mg pill in the morning but I notice a rather large burst the first three hours after ingestion. Looking at some research that seems about normal for peak plasma concentrations but not long after the 4-5 hour mark I start feeling the crash that a month ago I didn’t feel until later in the evening.

    Is rapid tolerance something that is mainly genetic? Certainly the duration of Vyvanse can be questioned now with so many online resources with detailed accounts of people who have much less than 12 hours of effectiveness from Vyvanse. My Doctor recommended a dextroamp IR booster in the afternoon but I’m more concerned about my incredibly rapid tolerance at this point than taking more of the med. I’m concerned about D2 downregulation and increased dependency as I already noticed I feel rather terrible on days I have skipped the medication hoping it would lower tolerance. So what are the major mechanisms you’d consider in such a rapid amphetamine tolerance?


    • Adam,
      My guess, obviously not having interviewed you for the details, is that you are still on too much, thereby feeling ‘tolerance’ problems. My guess from this note is that you are still coming out the tip of the therapeutic window – and that you will do much better if you start slower, use the Vyvanse water titration strategy here and find your true sweet spot. I have many adults on only 30mg with 12 hr DOE. Feeling terrible on days missed is often a sign of too much – you shouldn’t have that kind of let down.

  3. Hello,
    I am in distress. I have been suffering from severe depression, and severe anxiety since I was 8, medicated at 8. I guess I was a difficult kid and had behavior problems, diagnosed with ADHD in my 20s, and have suffered for over 25 years with chronic debilitating muscular pain. Relaxation has never been a word in my vocabulary and my mind is always ruminating on everything my pain and whether I can survive this. I have relief from my pain only the first day of my cycle. It is really unbearable. Now I am not functional, chronic fatigue, cannot sleep, eat, concentrate. In pain all the time, worried about my life basically. I had a really bad diet for most of my life, sugar, and little protein. I am working on that and hope to have the energy to start the Ultra Mind Solution diet. Based on my neuroscience tests, I have very low serotonin, high dopamine and neuroephinephrine levels and very high cortisol levels. On 5htp, theanine, rhondala rosa. I am wondering what other tests my doctor could prescribe for me to figure out my complicated case. Please any advice is appreciated. I am so very uncomfortable and don’t know if I have the strength to deal with this pain. Any help is appreciated. I cannot read your site cause I cannot concentrate on anything. Thank you Lisa Forman

    • Lisa,
      No disrespect to your local doc, even if open minded, but you will quite likely turn around more quickly with a systems medicine doc who can measure and treat your likely deficiencies across the board. My favorite next test for your, heartily recommended, would be the Metametrix Triad Profile with it’s subset of nutritional and IgG4 testing subsets. Since it sounds like you already have access to a doc using NeuroScience, he/she might take this next testing step.

      Your high carb diet significantly alters insulin, estrogen, and cortisol, the big three, and if you don’t have a formal disease [like diabetes] at this point your prognosis is excellent with a vigorous change in diet [only long chain carbs], removal of offending antigens, and replacement of all the missing nutrients.

      In my office I mix pharmaceuticals carefully with the other neuroscience products with good result. If you have had ADHD there would be no harm in using a stimulant – unless, of course, you can’t take meds with all the GI deterioration.

      Yours is a complicated, but significantly correctable condition following these next steps of more information – and a more aggressive supplementation strategy base on that next evidence.

  4. Ginny,
    I would start with the less expensive neurotransmitter [NS] option, with a good psych eval, and a good neurological eval including heavy metals. SPECT is always useful, but since the neuroscience is often helpful, without knowing any other psych details, I would start there. Narcolepsy very often a problem correctable with NS testing and meds if indicated.

    Said another way, NS is the micro view, closer to the molecular physiology, SPECT helps with complicated missed psych macro diagnosis.

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