Psych Med Reviews

January 1, 2014

ADHD Medication Insights – Fix The PM Drop 1

In This video: Afternoon ADHD Medication Drop is the single most commonplace resistance and difficulty found in taking ADHD medication - the first in a series of seven videos.
October 23, 2012

ADHD Insights: Cambrian Notes On Change

John Seely Brown suggests we are in a Cambrian Moment where technology convergence leads to an explosion of creativity. Context Matters in this time of convergence - and opportunity for an improvement, a change in ADHD perspective is at hand.
October 11, 2012

ADHD Insights: Nutrient Power

You know I'm interested in details that work, and Nutrient Power by William Walsh will take both the informed clinician and the informed consumer further down that challenging but essential trail of brain biochemistry.
September 30, 2012

ADHD Insights: Depression and ADHD

But you can't treat dopamine problems with serotonin reuptake inhibitors - nor can you treat serotonin related conditions with dopamine reuptake inhibitors.

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