June 17, 2009

Vyvanse Dosing for ADHD: Finding the Safe Top of the Window

ADHD and Ultrarapid Metabolizers: Frustrations Facing Individualized Care with Vyvanse. Cookie cutter medicine in psych treatment is on its way out - from SPECT reports to simply adjusting the dosage of medications in the office, the public knows that one size, one platitude, one description of one mood, does not fit all.
December 4, 2008

ADD, ADHD Medications: Immediate Release Stimulants – Cheap and Low Compliance

So, why do some continue to fool around with IR [Immediate Release] meds? - Money talks, their money. See the 7 Tips on how to understand better IR Stimulant titration strategies for ADD ADHD medications, soon at EzineArticles.com
October 31, 2008

AD/HD Pediatricians & the Therapeutic Window: They Love It

Pediatricians in Richmond, as everywhere else I have presented, sign off quickly on the value of titration of stimulant meds, of Vyvanse in particular, because they love the science, they love 'metabolic individuality' issues, and they love the medical implications of asking the Number Two, the PoopMeister yes the bowel frequency question.
June 25, 2008

ADD/ADHD Medications: Just The Top of the Window

The Therapeutic Window: Use it Everyday for Every ADD/ADHD Medication Adjustment. Very briefly: I am excited! My first article is up and running over at EzineArticles and today, in a rush, just don't have time to discuss the details except to tell you, patient or practitioner, that it will help understand ADD medication dosage systems.

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