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September 6, 2009

Vyvanse Adjustments: Start By Looking for the Exact Window

Watch For: Top of the Therapeutic Window -This comment on Vyvanse is worth your time, and is so commonly seen in the office. Vyvanse in the PM is so forgiving - that when it finishes, it is hard to assess. Measure the DOE anyway - start with that process.
September 21, 2008

AD/HD Office Updates: Home and Away

The AD/HD Philosophic Reception: The medical discussion about aspects of my new book has been, quite interestingly, uniformly positive. The theme in my medical presentations is simple, and often addressed here at CorePsychBlog - we often do not use precise parameters with our AD/HD treatment targets, - current diagnostic criteria are imprecise, superficial, amorphous and "move about" too much- does that cover it? If we don't see it how can we hit it? - we don't appreciate the specific trajectories of the drugs we use, and thereby often miss the mark just because we don't adjust our sights correctly, but, rather, too often blast away. Are we shooting howitzers at wrens?
December 8, 2006

Problems with ADD: Stimulants2

Correct dosing strategies: now two additional sides of the therapeutic box – from titration using duration of effectiveness with stimulants on a daily basis [those two […]
December 6, 2006

Problems with ADD: Stimulants1

Stimulants for ADD 1: The Titration Solution: it works if you work it. “Titration” from the Wikipedia definition it is complicated. For us, for everyday usage, […]

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