Sleep deprivation

August 17, 2014

End the Nightmare: Address ADHD Sleep Challenges

Research indicates that ADHD sufferers are more likely to have sleep abnormalities, a harder time getting to sleep, and a harder time staying awake during the day – especially if we are not being sufficiently stimulated.
October 18, 2009

Bipolar, Cobra and ADHD: Are We Killing a Hognose Snake?

Out in the metaphoric mind-woods? Think you have the diagnosis right? Let's take a few more minutes to get the specific, correct identification. See what you think about this brief video
May 13, 2009

ADHD and Sleep Disorders: Brain Defrag Details – CorePsych Radio

ADHD Medication Management Often Overlooks Sleep and The Brain Defrag Without carefully watching sleep patterns ADHD can devolve into: at worst psychosis/bipolar -
April 8, 2009

ADHD and Bipolar: Controversy Explored at CorePsych Radio

ADHD and Bipolar Disorder may at times 'look' similar, but the differences can spell big trouble for treatment strategies. Tune in to the link at CorePsych Radio to listen to this program on Thursday 4PM EDT, 1 PDT to tease apart the specifics

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