October 12, 2014

Pyrrole Disorder and Depression – Walsh Biotypes

Pyrrole disorder is one you must absolutely consider in treatment resistant depression: Severe pyrrole levels have been observed in persons diagnosed with violent behaviors, depression, schizophrenia, and other serious mental disorders.
July 1, 2013

ADHD and PTSD Connected

ADHD Interferes With PTSD Recovery - Remember: PTSD interferes with ADHD recovery as well. The complexity of ADHD and PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, find counterproductive links at every turn.
August 20, 2007

Adrenal Fatigue: New Findings at CorePsychPodcast

If you think you understand burnout take a listen to this interview. Interestingly, Wikipedia thinks it's just a psychological term...
March 26, 2007

ADD/ADHD Non-Med Treatment: Neurofeedback

ADD/ADHD: So what do you do if you don't want to use meds? Yes, the meds work fast, and often well, if you work them correctly. […]

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