October 15, 2012

ADHD Insights: Reward Deficiency Syndrome

Reward Deficiency Syndrome → RDS: another ADHD acronym bubbling up as we move closer to regular genetic testing. The more biology that we understand about ADHD, the more predictable treatment becomes.
March 17, 2007

ADD/ADHD Innovations in Treatment

News from the Front: ADD/ADHD Treatment Options Grow As you know, I do my best to remain informed with both sides of the provider fence: Traditional […]
January 27, 2007

ADD 2: The Media, the Meds and the Madness

ADD 2: New podcast up on how to make the meds work better for ADD. Over at CorePsychPodcast Seems like so many of the basics are […]
January 23, 2007

ADD Update: From the Top

Brief Biederman Report: ADD Medications and Scan Research Last night spent a delightful evening with Joseph Biederman, MD, Director of Research at Mass General for Child […]

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