Problems with ADD/ADHD medications

May 5, 2009

ADHD Diagnosis Can Create Medication Problems

ADHD Medications Cannot Be Adjusted Correctly Without Clear Targets - ADHD diagnosis is confusing, descriptive, superficial, and often has little to do with logical treatment objectives. Do you wonder why so many complain about the medications?
March 4, 2009

Your Signature Burn Rate: ADHD Medication Precision – CorePsych Radio 3

ADHD Medication Axiom: Burn Rate Assessments are Required. Let me make this easy: If you don't know your burn rate, your doc will have significant problems adjusting ADHD Medications. Period.
March 2, 2009

The 10 Biggest Problems with ADHD Medications: CorePsych Radio Series

ADHD Meds: Do you think there is a big problem with not paying attention to the medications used for paying attention? I do. - Well, I do agree, but I am not trying to find someone to blame - on the other hand, I'm trying to give you, the public and interested professionals, some real answers.
June 17, 2008

ADD/ADHD Medications: Problems Remain with School Breakfasts

ADD/ADHD Medications Work - School Breakfast Timing Requires Careful Attention I was up in New Haven recently and had several conversations with pediatricians and child psychiatrists about school breakfasts, - provided at school for many of the metro children as a service to ensure they had proper AM nutrition. It's sponsored by state and federal and state governments, and is helpful for many.

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