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April 13, 2009

ADHD and TBI: Hopes, Cautions, Medication Protocols: CorePsych Radio

CAT and MRI findings: Often miss functional aspects of TBI and cannot differentiate ADHD: Consider having functional brain imaging to see the problems. Brain injury injures function more clearly than it shows anatomically. SPECT and PET are functional imaging processes to evaluate the locality of the brain dysfunction.
December 3, 2007

Brain Plasiticity: Not a Dream, But Reality

There is now widespread consensus among neuroscientists that the brain retains its ability to change throughout life, but that wasn’t always the case. Just a few decades ago, most scientists believed that different areas of the brain were “hard-wired” shortly after birth to handle different aspects of brain function.
November 30, 2007

Never Give Up: Healing The Brain, Brain Plasticity

The interesting news about brain injury and aging: specific interventions can encourage brain/dendritic plasticity, brain healing, and [one of my favorite terms:] neurodendritic rearborization. Hang on it gets easier if you read more about it.
May 29, 2007

Non Med Options for Brain Treatment: Neurofeedback 2

Meds might not be the place to start for a variety of brain issues – from ADD/ADHD to brain injury or both. Especially both. Some of […]

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