new adhd medication rules

June 2, 2014

ADHD Medication Rules: At The Beach

New ADHD Medication Rules is now on sale at Kindle, for the easy price of 4.99$ for the month of June, a 10$ saving from the paperback version.
September 15, 2013

ADHD Landscape Changes

Years pass, time Changes the Reality, and perceptions must change as well. We simply can't keep traveling on the same old ADHD tour bus
August 27, 2013

Amazon Gives Away New ADHD Medication Rules

Get your complimentary Kindle copy of my New ADHD Medication Rules here, right now. Limited time!
June 25, 2013

Dodson Dysphoria and ADHD

In the context of a fresh discussion over at ADD Connect on Bill Dodson's new diagnostic subset of ADHD "Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria" I thought we should revisit the "dysphoric" Grumpy from '08.

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