neurotransmitter testing

January 4, 2010

Holistic Psychiatry is CorePsych

Neuroscience evidence changes thinking: This January 26 & 27, just a few weeks away, you will have an opportunity to take a deeper step into that change process: The Holistic Health Virtual Conference: Empowering Whole People - I hope you can join me there.
November 2, 2009

ADHD Medications: Neurotransmitters to the Rescue

Neurotransmitter physiology takes us way beyond what we have been doing for years with only stimulant medications. Neurotransmitters will take us further down the line to that holy grail of ADHD treatments: the Natural Way.
June 14, 2007

Medicine Trial and Error: Missouri Turkey Shoot

By now you know that I am a medical target shooter, and don't agree with loading up any shell and simply blasting away at the unknown with my metaphoric arsenal. But blasting away is a big problem with meds, simply because of the rapid evolution of the *science of targets.*

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