milk allergies

November 5, 2013

Mark Hyman Gluten Summit

See this video by Mark Hyman, MD one of the most outstanding speakers in The Gluten Summit series next week. If you don't show up you'll miss this world thought leader.
July 13, 2011

Milk Allergies Matter: Foreign Proteins In Food

For the last several years since looking at IgG findings as a means of correcting refractory psych conditions - those people who fail ordinary psych treatments - I see so many of these reactions to milk in my office everyday.
August 24, 2007

Celiac Notes: Opiate Withdrawal from Gluten and Casein?

You might want to warn gluten sensitive, celiac and casein sensitive patients about this very odd and painful clinical phenomenon: Withdrawal after stopping can be painful, exhausting, and depressing, with weakness, anger, and brain fog.

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