Medications for ADHD

December 5, 2011

Special Needs Children – Psychiatric Meds Need Attention

Special Needs Children Are Just That - Special - Most noteworthy: those children with ADHD symptoms on the surface, with a background set of biomedical challenges with special needs that simply go unrecognized.
December 13, 2010

Medications for ADHD: Predictable Solutions Count

ADHD Medications Need More Predictable Solutions! ADHD Medications, as you well know from these CorePsych Blog pages, have been used capriciously, almost unconsciously, for way too long - this complimentary white paper provides specific answers for the 10 biggest problems with ADHD meds
April 13, 2009

ADHD and TBI: Hopes, Cautions, Medication Protocols: CorePsych Radio

CAT and MRI findings: Often miss functional aspects of TBI and cannot differentiate ADHD: Consider having functional brain imaging to see the problems. Brain injury injures function more clearly than it shows anatomically. SPECT and PET are functional imaging processes to evaluate the locality of the brain dysfunction.

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