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July 20, 2008

Understanding ADD/ADHD Medications: Pay Attention to the Details

ADD/ADHD medications at first seems simple - if you have ADD, "Here's the script." Yes, I am suggesting we modify our scripting process. The truth is that ADD/ADHD medications do require specific, precise thinking with clear guidelines - or the entire process of medication management can become dangerous, frustrating, or disappointingly ineffective - with disastrous long term consequences. Problems arise much too often. And they are correctable!
June 22, 2008

ADD/ADHD Parker Updates

Just a quick update on the Blog Silence over here with Parker - been working on ADD/ADHD projects: I've been working, but not as hard as I did for the 3 summers I shoveled concrete on the roads in Missouri. Yes, those days were interesting in that I worked hard and got a big promotion after two years, from the shovel to the chute. - Big responsibility move!
January 21, 2007

ADD: The Media, the Meds and the Madness

ADD: The Media, the Meds, and the Madness Episode 1: The diagnosis If we start with the right diagnosis, and recognize complexity of the spectrum of […]

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