October 12, 2008

ADD Context II: Physics, Reality, and Structure

ADD: A diagnosis over time - A diagnosis of context. So what do I mean by "context? In the last post I told you about the physics professor with ADD - and you may very well have said: Impossible! His "management problem," that "group problem" he has, is not ADD, it is SAD, Social Anxiety Disorder. Descriptively I agree, but functionally [from the point of view of brain function} it's more than that.
March 7, 2007

Deeper Recovery: Time, Beyond Labels

Codependency: Has limited Useful Applications Let's go a bit deeper. I've been around the recovery crowd so long, I get a bit tense about labels. The […]
November 27, 2006

Science, Labels, Stuckness, Brain Diagnosis 2007

Beyond the Illusion of Precision Through Labels As a group, we health care providers often find ourselves profoundly, categorically stuck in black and white medical arguments.  […]
November 23, 2006

Psych Meds Beyond ADD: The 3 Rs

ADHD diagnosis actually is a real problem with real answers, not simply a media finger wag. ADHD diagnosis is but one of the topics of current […]

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