September 18, 2012


Let's face the naming thing squarely, head on. ADHD and ADD labels provide more confusion than understanding, more complexity than common sense. Why, because they describe symptoms that remain on the surface.
February 10, 2011

ADHD Diagnosis: Kids Suffer With Multiple Conditions

ADHD Testing Reveals: ADHD is clearly involved with more than the way-too-superficial 3 subsets of hyperactive, inattentive and combined.
September 18, 2010

ADHD Rules: Always Target Context

ADHD Treatment Targets Need Clarification - Reality Changes - If you wonder why you can't get the meds right. If you wonder about diagnosis and the question: "Is it hyperactive, inattentive or combined?" - 'Context' becomes exceedingly important.
June 3, 2009

ADHD Diagnosis: ADHD or Just a Bad Person?

Yes, the Avoidant ADHD folk hate speaking about their 'issues,' don't want to see anyone remotely psychiatric, and simply need to be left alone.

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