functional Brain Imaging

September 18, 2010

ADHD Rules: Always Target Context

ADHD Treatment Targets Need Clarification - Reality Changes - If you wonder why you can't get the meds right. If you wonder about diagnosis and the question: "Is it hyperactive, inattentive or combined?" - 'Context' becomes exceedingly important.
February 22, 2009

CorePsych Radio Update

CorePsych Radio: How to Connect Each Week: As a side activity I have been also putting together a 1 hr live radio program, and the details are on this page: CorePsych Radio.
October 21, 2008

Brain Imaging and Innovation: “Iconoclast” is Must Read

Why this book is so very cool: Iconoclast discusses brain imaging evidence applied to the process of creative thinking... and more than that, creative application in groups. Berns actually takes out-of-the-box-creative-thinking and applies it to social networking!
June 10, 2007

ADHD/ADD: The Cerebellum Deserves Attention

Well, we can also look at cerebellar function and see brain difficulties with SPECT imaging. The interesting take-home point: yes, brain areas that are not functioning well can be recognized

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