November 1, 2012

ADHD Insights: Picky Eaters Outed Video

The mothers of every picky eater, unless they exist in complete denial themselves, often intuitively know that their kids suffer a significant stomach, significant gastrointestinal malady - that's biologically based.
September 13, 2012

ADHD Insights: Immunity and IgG Controversy

This deep but brief review by Camille F. J. Lieners PhD, Luxembourg, regarding the IgG controversy [Evomed Diagnostics] helps answer many questions about food testing.
September 6, 2012

ADHD Insights: IgE Brain And Body Immunity

Who cares about food immunity and ADHD? In fact, everyone should care, because food sensitivities, once understood, can spell treatment success or complete, ongoing ADHD treatment failure.
November 7, 2008

Brain, ADD, Gluten Are Connected: Dr Tom O’Bryan’s Fall Lectures

Dr Tom O'Bryan Discusses Immune Dysfunction and Brain Consequences - From Tom "I'm in the midst of my Fall seminar series on the Neurological and Musculoskeletal Complications of Gluten Sensitivity. As you know, and like you, I have a passion to get the word out about the impact of our food selections on the function of our bodies."

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