Dr Daniel Amen

September 19, 2009

ADHD Experts: Convenient, Latest ADHD Insights

Can't Make That National ADHD Meeting? - Bring It To Your Home - And the best news: attend live, or attend through the year - anytime you want. National experts on MP3 for that ride to work! The best advantage: great speakers, the latest insights, lowest cost, available for replay.
July 29, 2007

Conversations with the Masters: Dr Joe Dispenza

Met a delightful new colleague out there, Dr Joe Dispenza whom you all should know, and can know, through his film work and his books. Joe was one of the most often quoted clinicians in "What the Bleep Do We Know?"
December 22, 2006

CorePsych Mission: What we do

Someone offline asked the other day, “Just what do you do?” So a brief note to explain a bit more: Psych diagnosis and psych med review, […]

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