October 8, 2012

ADHD Insights: Short Acting Stimulants

Yes, you've heard it before here: Too many aren't paying attention to the meds for paying attention. Those Immediate Release, IR stimulant meds, need their own brand of attention as they manifest certain unpredictable variables.
September 23, 2012

ADHD Insights: Prozac, Paxil and Amphetamines

Prozac and Paxil significantly block the metabolism, the breakdown, the effective use of amphetamine products. The results: crazy but quite predictable drug interactions.
September 22, 2012

ADHD Insights: CYP 450 2D6 Details Matter

This brief video breaks down an essential difference between amphetamine [AMP] and methylphenidate [MPH] stimulants. In 4 min and 50 sec I break down the serious metabolic details for those important medication matters.
December 13, 2010

Medications for ADHD: Predictable Solutions Count

ADHD Medications Need More Predictable Solutions! ADHD Medications, as you well know from these CorePsych Blog pages, have been used capriciously, almost unconsciously, for way too long - this complimentary white paper provides specific answers for the 10 biggest problems with ADHD meds

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