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November 8, 2011

ADHD Mediation Rules On Radio

Attention Talk Radio - This [Nov 9, 2011] is the second of two radio programs at Attention Talk Radio Hosted by Jeff Copper - at 8 PM EST - and if you go over there to connect you can set up a reminder for your cell or email.
November 1, 2011

ADHD Medications: Your Medical Team

Choosing Your ADHD Medical Team - Think Of Consequences, At CorePsych Blog we've been talking about your ADHD medical team for some time now, and added a whole chapter on the importance of your medical team on my new book,
January 23, 2011

ADHD Testing – Now Comprehensive and Biomedical

ADHD testing improves outcomes. For those of you who closely follow CorePsych and the many frustrated/dismayed ADHD treatment/medication will appreciate the abyss of misunderstanding about ADHD that exists in both public and academic perceptions. New testing options turn the tide.
August 22, 2010

Intuniv For ADHD: Details Beyond ADHD Indications

Our multiple CorePsych Blog reports on Intuniv [this the 6th] have kept CorePsych Blog on the first page of Google for many weeks [today #9 on the first page of 199,000 hits], ... and why? Hey, I'm not bragging, I'm thanking...

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