Chronic fatigue

December 21, 2007

Immunity and Chronic Fatigue: Immunosciences on the Radar for ’08

Chronic fatigue: is it a real medical process, or just malingering? Further, does CF encourage a dementia process with brain fog and slowed processing speeds. New answers bring new hope.
August 13, 2007

Why We Overlook Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity

This is the first in a series of celiac and gluten sensitivity reports taken directly from an interesting series of posts by Dr Scot Lewey, a gastroenterologist who "gets it" with gluten sensitivity. and regularly reports on the downstream psych and neurological effects.
April 7, 2007

Mold Madness: Neurotoxins Overlooked 3

The complexity of this psych presentation encourages missing an important underlying cause. More problems require more complete answers.
April 6, 2007

Mold Madness: Neurotoxins Overlooked 2

Mold neurotoxins can leave significant medical and psychiatric consequences. A few points of orientation: Not all mold is toxic: Penicillin is a mold. Some molds, like […]

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