categorical thinking

February 24, 2009

CorePsych Radio #2: Functional ADHD Diagnosis

In word we are pervasively missing 'Functional ADHD' - we are missing time, context and process... so how can we expect meds to be correctly adjusted?
February 3, 2007

Neuroscience Recipes: Mixing the Ingredients and Competition

We are all in this together. Care and compassion mix better with selflessness. There is no medical ego, there is only ego. Compassionate attitude is solid, geometrically and operationally.
January 7, 2007

Personal History, Categorical Thinking

CorePsychPodcast Program notes: First one up is and running, about 25 min. over at Talked a bit about personal history then got on my soapbox […]
December 3, 2006

Psych Problems: the Categorical Wars

The media and the public are trying to tell us: get more precise, stop the casual use of ADHD meds. Many of us completely agree, others are stuck in simplistic, reductionistic thinking in the worst kind of blinders: scientific denial.

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