July 9, 2010

ADHD Medication Rules: Affiliate Details

Just take a look at the hundreds [now nearly 2000] of comments here and elsewhere that highlight the challenges with dialing in ADHD medications for effective treatment. No, I am not asserting it's all a mess - many do well and have no problems - but it is quite true that the challenges out there are not rare, but rather commonplace, - way too commonplace.
February 27, 2007

Protein Breakfast Recipe 2: How on Protein

Protein breakfasts work, - if you work it. Yes, I know what many of you are going to say after that last breakfast post- "Good thinking, been there, just can't do that." The simple solution to breakfast: think "protein," not "breakfast."
February 25, 2007

Power Breakfast Recipe 1: Eat Protein

Breakfast habits are terrible, and the problem is completely pandemic.

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