October 12, 2014

Pyrrole Disorder and Depression – Walsh Biotypes

Pyrrole disorder is one you must absolutely consider in treatment resistant depression: Severe pyrrole levels have been observed in persons diagnosed with violent behaviors, depression, schizophrenia, and other serious mental disorders.
September 6, 2009

Vyvanse Adjustments: Start By Looking for the Exact Window

Watch For: Top of the Therapeutic Window -This comment on Vyvanse is worth your time, and is so commonly seen in the office. Vyvanse in the PM is so forgiving - that when it finishes, it is hard to assess. Measure the DOE anyway - start with that process.
July 8, 2009

Pristiq For Major Depression – Clinical Details on CorePsych Radio

Some think that Pristiq is just another Effexor XR - but they aren't thinking about the details.
October 20, 2008

Impulsivity: Is it AD/HD or IED, Intermittent Explosive Disorder?

A little-known mental disorder marked by episodes of unwarranted anger [-sounds like ADD/ADHD at first glance] is more common than previously thought...

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