April 18, 2011

ADHD Misdiagnosed: Beyond Behaviors

For ADHD diagnosis: You can be sophisticated and smart, but if you don't know how to get where you want to go, you simply can't get there - no matter how smart you are.
February 13, 2010

Psychiatric Diagnosis and DSM 5: Maps to Nowhere

If you are lost, forget being found with this bible. Don't be worried, you won't have to change anything you are doing... it's the same old 19th Century stuff, trimmed up to tweak the descriptive language, with no improvements there for patient care, and no new science. Boring.
June 21, 2009

ADHD Medications: More Than ‘Going Fishing’

Medical science makes the new office/fishing wisdom simple: with neurotransmitter biomarker testing, we can match the hatch [they biting on Mayflies?]

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