attention deficit hyperactivity disorder controversies

December 19, 2011

ADHD And Cognitive Anxiety – Now 3 Types

ADHD Anxiety Is More Than Just A Feeling - Cognitive abundance and ADHD: To fully understand ADHD symptoms you/we must understand unmanageable cognitive abundance,
December 5, 2011

Special Needs Children – Psychiatric Meds Need Attention

Special Needs Children Are Just That - Special - Most noteworthy: those children with ADHD symptoms on the surface, with a background set of biomedical challenges with special needs that simply go unrecognized.
October 11, 2011

ADHD Medications Not Working – Immunity Matters

Just as when traveling in any new territory we need useful new maps to find the towns we will be visiting. Many of these towns show up on the map with names we haven't heard before - and those names can be down right intimidating - even to a psychiatrist:
July 20, 2009

Intuniv for ADHD: Understanding Tenex, Guanfacine and Alpha 2

Short note, new vocabulary, take a moment sometime this week to chase down these links - they will likely soon become part of your everyday thinking in ADHD treatment.

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