ADHD Stimulant Medications

September 4, 2012

ADHD Insights – Diagnosis By Appearances

No wonder other countries of the world aren't sure what to do about ADHD treatment: They can easily assess our ADHD treatment patterns, and they don't look accurate, even from casual observation
October 23, 2011

Mind Science – Critical Thinking Matters

Why do so many practitioners write for so many different psych meds without thinking about the body that the meds must pass through before reaching the brain - simple: a lack of critical thinking.
May 31, 2009

ADHD and Anxiety: ADHD Looks Like OCD

As you will see in this video, 'anxiety' can take on many different faces - and cognitive anxiety, you heard it first here, is simply not in the books yet - strange, but true. If we don't look for it we just can't see it - and so much of ADHD symptoms are associated with anxiety.
April 22, 2009

ADHD Medications: Use The Therapeutic Window – CorePsych Radio

ADHD Meds are Predictable - If you simply pay attention to these basic details the possibility of the biggest two problems with ADHD medications are almost naturally corrected - details matter.

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