ADHD Neurotransmitters

January 16, 2011

ADHD and PEA – The Stealth Neurotransmitter

Treating ADHD is more about neurotransmitter balance than simply giving a trial of meds. These 4 neurotransmitters all contribute to ADHD improvement - PEA is the least understood.
November 2, 2009

ADHD Medications: Neurotransmitters to the Rescue

Neurotransmitter physiology takes us way beyond what we have been doing for years with only stimulant medications. Neurotransmitters will take us further down the line to that holy grail of ADHD treatments: the Natural Way.
June 21, 2009

ADHD Medications: More Than ‘Going Fishing’

Medical science makes the new office/fishing wisdom simple: with neurotransmitter biomarker testing, we can match the hatch [they biting on Mayflies?]

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