February 6, 2011

Pera and Parker: ADHD Success Clinic 1

ADHD Success Clinic: Look For Us Soon In Northern VA - Gina Pera Presents In Norther VA - My gifted blogging, writing and editing buddy, Gina Pera, winner of four National Book Awards for her best selling book on ADHD joins me out here in VA for an important first: Deep training at our first ADHD Success Clinic.
February 5, 2009

CorePsychBlog Update

Image via Wikipedia As you may have noticed, CorePsychBlog is stuck in cyberspace. We are currently in a transition process, but we are working around the […]
September 1, 2008

ADD/ADHD: Book Review, Beyond Meds – The Exercised Brain

Help for ADD/ADHD Beyond Medications: Many want to change their brain, and also want non-medication alternatives for ADD/ADHD treatment. So many ask for comprehensive brain fixes that work for a lifetime - this one is a keeper. Ratey has done it again.
July 28, 2008

The Power of Imaginative Mind: Sir Kenneth Robinson

Because you are a reader here you will love this video by Edutopia: Excellent video comments by Sir Kenneth Robinson on remarks earlier discussed here by Taleb in The Black Swan: He addresses the necessary revolution in education, and suggests change in old, outdated education grid based upon linear assumptions... a hierarchy of subjects in our school systems and, dare I say it, our medical education as well.

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