Deep Recovery

October 25, 2011

Parker, CorePsych At CHADD

Yes, I've been working with folks who suffer with ADHD for years, but just didn't catch on, until lately, to the importance of CHADD - the national organization for Children and Adults with AD/HD.
December 26, 2010

Suicide and Depression Questions: Va Beach Fire Dept

Suicide Questions - Turn On Your Thinking - Fire and Public Safety Personnel, indeed anyone dealing with the public and depression or the mandatory suicide question: Get the most important question exactly right at the outset.
October 4, 2010

CorePsych DC: Parker Reopens Near Tyson’s

And the patients that came in those Amen DC doors were already thinking deeply into the next box. Many of them had "already tried everything else - several times." That experience confirmed my expectations: the science works. Looking is always better than guessing, - and soon will become the standard of care.
July 9, 2010

ADHD Medication Rules: Affiliate Details

Just take a look at the hundreds [now nearly 2000] of comments here and elsewhere that highlight the challenges with dialing in ADHD medications for effective treatment. No, I am not asserting it's all a mess - many do well and have no problems - but it is quite true that the challenges out there are not rare, but rather commonplace, - way too commonplace.

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