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College Worries? Yes, College Is Becoming A Higher Cost Gamble

Are you a worried High School Senior, or an even-more-worried Parent of a High School Senior staring down that road of college life, wondering how to actually get over there from here? You're right, it's not about the destination, it's about the trip – and this particular trip can, often does,  change a lifetime.

If ADHD is even remotely in the equation – be prepared! This transition is the big one.

Thousands of dollars and the rest of your life on the line? The reasons to worry are simple: Yes, college is harder than High School and creates far more complex decision making challenges. It doesn't matter if you were a winner or a loser in high school,  you can seriously waffle in this first year if you don't know the best way to tackle each of the multiple new freshman variables – those unpredictable surprises that can take you out of the game.

We've seen major implosion that first year of college happen way too often – and the good news: with CoreBrain implosion is almost entirely preventable.

At CoreBrain we have two Transition programs – one for managing that first year of College: T2CC, and an earlier one, preparation for seniors in High School: T2CH, which will also start this fall at about the same time.

You already know that college students experience:

  • even more pressure and no learning system,
  • no easy, consistent mentoring direction,
  • even less clear expectations and structure than High School,
  • with less personalized academic support – and a
  • multitude of peer relationship challenges and seductions – from
  • issues with booze, sex, and weed – to name just a few diversions – to
  • inadequate study habits with no routine, and often
  • the pressure to successfully choose a major that first year – for the rest of your life 😕
  • and few self management skills transfer from hanging out in High School
  • and few interpersonal skills transfer – such as what to do when your friends bring a keg into the house,
  • you must deal with roommates and strangers that are, in truth, strange, who provide impediments – that you must assess and manage to move forward

The Main Problem: No Fun and Interesting System Exists To Help Structure/Manage Your First Year of College Success

At CoreBrain Training we have created A Solution that Works On Every Level of Concern:

  • Personalized academic , interpersonal and relationship coaching,
  • understanding the adjustment to changes of structure for the rest of your life [private school to college: often catastrophic]
  • led by coaches I've personally trained after 43 years of dealing with college student problems
  • how-to on: psych meds, street drugs and alcohol, and rock and roll [no dance lessons]
  • available every day,
  • virtual and 24×7 as well!
  • with experienced coaches right there at your desk 
  • you don't have to freak out to get help
  • it's as personalized as a family, perhaps even more so
  • helpful with understanding family issues back home
  • provides connection with peers internationally,
  • “international” does place a fresh perspective on that college, that sorority, that fraternity, group and is
  • exponentially more powerful than FaceBook because
  • it's truly anonymous, 😉
  • encourages constructive peer communication and conflict resolution
  • the groups are intimate, small, only 12 max
  • structured, with clear objectives, you set the pace and objectives, we help you get there
  • encourages personal initiative and personal responsibility, and group accountability
  • warns of specific pitfalls to watch for – advanced warning helps from pros who've lived with these problems everyday
  • gender specific challenges for men and women
  • tools for handling challenges with professors and selecting your best professor teachers and mentors
  • no, we don't care if this is your second first year, you will add serious seasoning to flavor the Been-There Stew.

The CoreBrain System

  • you can check in exceedingly easily to track your personal progress
  • your progress is graphed for you with specific objectives
  • we help you set your best, most effective, most workable structure – and keep it
  • your peers can provide feedback who have similar issues
  • it's all on your desktop, and can be set [we recommend] for easy check-in when opened
  • coaches are color coded on comments for easy recognition
  • you can add to the resources by adding your own T2CC Wiki solutions for the T2CC program
  • your T2CC group will have it's own email list for just that group – and again ,you can remain anonymous with that email
  • the T2CC Forum will give you a good look at freshman student issues globally – relationships, schools, majors, you name it
  • it's personal, it's live, it's understanding, you aren't alone with big questions and no answers – you can get out of your head in the right way
  • it's coaching, not counseling, we don't overstep the boundaries if counseling is needed, and absolutely no psychobabble – we can't stand it
  • our experience: most problems are quickly solved if they get on the table sooner rather than later, after your mess has hit the blades

Sign up here for T2CC at CoreBrain

  • no obligation now, just get on this list for updates
  • planning to be live June 1 for CoreBrain Team actual signups so we can structure the groups, 
  • August 15 the groups go live – just in time to move into the dorm, and have a known place to go when you get there
  • the plan is simple, we'll be there all year for you, everyday, and will constructively dog you if you don't work your program – woof-woof 🙄
  • we will not be sharing anything with your parents unless you ask us, that's part of our deal
  • parents: we know your concerns, – our mission is to make this transition easy for you as well – you are also welcome on the list, but no updates
  • more specific details later though this email list  – get on it now
  • cost: much less than 2 Starbucks a day – 97$/mo for all that attention, everyday training and hands-on activity,
  • almost an insurance police to cover the complexity of that first year transition –
  • with 4 degrees, and 4 serious board certifications we've been where you are, and understand
  • CoreBrain will keep you posted through this mailing system, – so make sure we are off your spam filters, and make sure you agree to the notifications.

Click This Link to go to the Email Sign Up Form -> http://bit.ly/IfGqmR


More about CoreBrain Training here:

The CoreBrain Learning Grid: You Dreamed About This Years Ago

At CoreBrain we provide an outstanding learning matrix at every level of your professional development and interests. Nurses, pediatricians, coaches, psychiatrists, and family practitioners,  students, even the simply curious – indeed anyone interested in mind science and brain function will exponentially grow their clinical expertise here at CoreBrain. “Unique and remarkable” just don’t cover your CoreBrain Training benefits.

Real brain practice is beyond platitudes. Your abiding curiosity added to the latest biomedical insights will absolutely improve your practice strategies.

From Team to Mentorship, we work hard to connect our CoreBrain Team Members anywhere in the world with the most advanced, supportive, ongoing learning and teaching systems. If you go to Mentorship we ultimately want to train you so that you can understand and teach this material wherever you are, and become part of the larger solution so critically needed with brain/mind science applications internationally.

The CoreBrain Training Secret

Not only do you get the most comprehensive brain and body science, but also with that outstanding content we provide the perfect learning process. At CoreBrain your practice evolutions take place every day of the week as long as you are with us. Our learning grid at CoreBrain is more than simply exemplary – it’s both phenomenal and interpersonal.


CoreBrain Training is based on phenomena: cases, context, real life circumstances that take CoreBrain Training away from intellectual data dumps into common sense practice modules. Label games are out, functional precision is in. We're traveling with reality, neuroscience and experience, not speculation and intellectual posturing.

Scheduled small steps and clear objectives will lead to proficiency with your big picture mastery – a process/systems phenomena that makes small details understandable and relevant – and is more personally supportive than any biomedical training available – anywhere. Yes, it's phenomenal.

Interpersonal – With Anonymity

Attend either as yourself or anonymously, through a virtual state-of-the-art, truly remarkable learning environment that once you see it in action you will wish you had it available in high school, in college, or in any professional school. Hey, I wish I had this system with every training along my way – it cuts out the games and gets down to business. Our CoreBrain Training secret is no secret, and it works far better than BY [by-yourself] and DIY [do-it-yourself] – that CoreBrain secret, that extremely cool everyday app, is interpersonal: team teaching, team learning, and team sharing, combined with regular synchronous and asynchronous coaching. My son in med school formed his own tight learning team, the Med Rats – CoreBrain is Med Rats to the 10th power.

We provide a built-in systematic look-over-your-shoulder process to support your progress, rather than simply pitch out information for you to digest on your own. You can attend as Dr Tom Jones, TJ, JT, or “brainjunkie” – we don’t care what you call yourself, we just want you to feel comfortable showing up for both your personal and your team’s evolution. Team work should start in grade school, – but sometimes it takes a little longer to get it. You might as well take advantage now that it's available, – and get on this program before that first year starts to mushroom.

Team training creates mutual rewards, and deeper, more applicable insights as we build on the collective learning experience with every team. Sharing your own process and clinical progress through brief daily team contact accelerates your learning process. Our team-learning grid makes the CoreBrain Training process easy, fun – indeed inspirational – as you grow with forward-thinking colleagues internationally.

Our training teams aim to keep the dialogue fresh by limiting team size, no more than 12 participants in each group. Attendees can then get to know each other, share information more effectively and synergize their learning efforts. CoreBrain is virtual. It’s anonymous. It’s interpersonal. You can be vulnerable with your “mistakes” and questions, and trusting is simplified.

CoreBrain Resources

Our unique CoreBrain Wikis, like Wikipedia, but personalized, will provide you resource access points for your development and research as long as you stay with CoreBrain. The papers there will be available in downloadable pdf so you can copy and store them as you see fit. We invite you to add your favorite links and papers, to become part of the CoreBrain teaching solution right from the outset at those levels. Teamwork occurs through multiple contributions, including your own. It takes a village – a uniquely informed village, to evolve current superficial practices.

Focused CoreBrain Forums keep the offline discussion alive and well, and provide additional resources for inquiry and detail evolution. Forums will be open on every program and will diversify the input from many perspectives. You ask and comment, you grow the organization and the data.

Hope you can join us for T2CC, and look at the Mentorship program as well if you are evolving in your appreciation of applied neuroscience.


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