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Brains react to yeast, either systemic or living “only locally” in, for example, the gastrointestinal tract. Controversy arises with new neuroscience information, no matter how potentially helpful, as it changes old dogma that previously overlooked useful information. This page is to help educate you for possible next steps.


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Treatment Failure?  See These Candida Videos

Candida, quite predictably, interferes with feelings, cognition, indeed any brain activity. At CorePsych I find it repeatedly in the context of treatment failure with good medications, excellent medical care, supplements and years of repeated disappointment with multiple levels of psychiatric treatment – ADHD, bipolar, depression, even psychosis, and dementia.


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Why Test?


1. Dr William Shaw on Organic Acids Testing – 1:15 Hr

“Interpretation of the Organic Acids Test” by Dr. William Shaw from The Great Plains Laboratory on Vimeo.


2. Dr Matt Cavaiola | IgG Testing | Immunity Plays a Part –  1:10 Hr

“IgG Food Sensitivity and Disease” by Dr. Matthew Cavaiola from The Great Plains Laboratory on Vimeo.


 3. Candida In More Than Autism | Dr Kurt Woeller – 1:40 Hr

“Candida Infections and Autism – Why Is It So Pervasive and Problematic?”
by Dr. Kurt Woeller
from The Great Plains Laboratory on Vimeo.


Candida Markers: Article By Dr. Shaw – Great Plains Labs

Specific, Detailed OATS Findings



Candida challenges do require additional effort, but can significantly change treatment outcomes. I've missed these issues for years, and now repeatedly witness the value of testing.

Dr Charles Parker
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