CoreBrain Book Club

ADHD Book Clubs Add Value – Learn Some New Rules

Become A Learning Resource

Let us help you start your own book club with these several handy suggestions:

  1. Meet four times a year in a location already set for learning meetings: a school, a college,  theater, – where reading and learning set a backdrop for next steps.
  2. Brand your meeting with a name, e.g: Mind Maps, Bookings, MetaBooks, BookWorks… be creative.
  3. Charge a fee for the evening that will also cover the cost of the books. Consider a fee for the series of 4, fee covers two attendees. $99?
  4. Offer a book gift through a drawing to build your list and also encourage attendance.
  5. Rotate responsibility and leadership by selecting key presenters to summarize each book, giving audience members leadership and group  presentation skill experience.
  6. Get Techy: Invite the Author to show up on Skype for the group. Computer + LCD + screen = Fun.
  7. Order books and either give them away, or sell them at this discount from Amazon prices.
  8. If you would like our help, make it a CoreBrain Book Club and we make specific reading suggestions.
  9. Send me your ideas in comments below and I'll include them in these suggestions.
  10. Suggested Meeting Agenda Outline
  • Intro new members?
  • Any comments on previous meeting
  • Tonight's Book: Leader presents their review and recommendations
  • Others present their reviews and comments on this book
  • Discuss ideas for the next month's book, come prepared with your own suggestion, assign leader
  • Connect with books for the next meeting, set up an easy resource – you help with orders?

The New ADHD Medication Rules Book Connection

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Don't forget any suggestions – thanks!

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