ADHD Medications Not Working – Immunity Matters

Just as when traveling in any new territory we need useful new maps to find the towns we will be visiting. Many of these towns show up on the map with names we haven’t heard before – and those names can be down right intimidating – even to a psychiatrist:

Psychiatric Medications and Immunity: IgG and IgE

The longer we deeply explore treatment disappointments [that occur everyday], the more we see significant confusion and missed diagnosis with psych med failures secondary to overlooking IgG, the “chronic antibody.”

CoreBrain Training – Bench to Trench In DC

Have you been thinking about all of this new brain and body neuroscience material, – but just don’t have your arms wrapped around the translation from functional neurophysiology to the most effective office applications? This meeting will show you how.

CorePsych DC: Parker Reopens Near Tyson’s

And the patients that came in those Amen DC doors were already thinking deeply into the next box. Many of them had “already tried everything else – several times.” That experience confirmed my expectations: the science works. Looking is always better than guessing, – and soon will become the standard of care.

Intuniv For ADHD: Details Beyond ADHD Indications

Our multiple CorePsych Blog reports on Intuniv [this the 6th] have kept CorePsych Blog on the first page of Google for many weeks [today #9 on the first page of 199,000 hits], … and why? Hey, I’m not bragging, I’m thanking…

ADHD Medication Rules: Affiliate Details

Just take a look at the hundreds [now nearly 2000] of comments here and elsewhere that highlight the challenges with dialing in ADHD medications for effective treatment. No, I am not asserting it’s all a mess – many do well and have no problems – but it is quite true that the challenges out there are not rare, but rather commonplace, – way too commonplace.

CorePsych Updates: Crossroads

Imagine this – I took a vacation… The White Boys and Wives Blues Excursion: Five, count them, surprisingly compatible couples in a White Van for a full 7 days, touring up the Blues Highway in the MS Delta

Holistic Reviews At CorePsych

Do consider attending the Holistic Health Virtual Conference, – I look forward to presenting there on Wednesday Jan 27, and am sending out this unique offer for folks who attend.

Bipolar, Cobra and ADHD: Are We Killing a Hognose Snake?

Out in the metaphoric mind-woods? Think you have the diagnosis right? Let’s take a few more minutes to get the specific, correct identification. See what you think about this brief video