Chronic Illness? Imperative Answer: Consider Biofilm

5 stages of biofilm development. Stage 1, init...

5 stages of biofilm development. Stage 1, initial attachment; stage 2, irreversible attachment; stage 3, maturation I; stage 4, maturation II; stage 5, dispersion. Each stage of development in the diagram is paired with a developing P. aeruginosa biofilm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This page collects basic information to provide additional insights to explain why we must consider biofilm1 in chronic illnesses such as:

  1. Lyme Disease
  2. Candida
  3. MRSA
  4. Strep
  5. Middle Ear Infections
  6. UTI – Interstitial Cystitis

No, I didn't list every possible related biofilm disease. I designed this brief report to simply draw your attention to the importance of biofilm issues in refractory illnesses – psych presentations that simply don't get better when you and your medical team are doing everything “right.”

If you aren't responding to proper treatment for some of these conditions, think biofilm.2 See these videos below for more explanations and overview. Also, review these excellent notes on Biofilm formation3 from Bioscience Labs in Bozeman Montana.4

Candida and Biofilm

Yes, I'm a convert for understanding biofilms and using laboratory data points for treatment at CorePsych. Why? Because not recognizing and measuring these particular challenges clearly perpetuates treatment failure. See this Candida page for details on one of the main culprits repeatedly measured and treated at CorePsych:

For Biofilm, Think biological warfare in your body, bio-shields and unexplained physiological resistance to otherwise effective treatment strategies. It's an overlooked armor in battles too often lost in the fog of war.


Biofilms and Bacteria – 6.00 min


Quorum Sensing – The Bacteria Talk To Each Other

Details On How Bacteria, Candida and Others Connect For Biofilm Defense From a Molecular Biologist


Brief Additional Video On Quorum Sensing 02:35 min

How bacteria form a biofilm from Andrew Dopheide on Vimeo


Dr. Rachel Fresco Discusses Biofilm Diagnosis and Treatment – PowerPoint


Carlos Fernandez Minope – PowerPoint


Research from CDC On Biofilms – 9 pg PDF 1
Emerging Infectious Diseases – 74 References


A Useful, Comprehensive Biofilm Article – 23 References 5

How Biofilms Work


Biofilm Video Channel At Vimeo – 9 Videos


Biofilms: The Hypertextbook Version 4.3, 2011

With Sections for Instructors – Start on this Navigation Page


Books On Biofilm At Amazon

CoreBrain Selections: Biofilms



CorePsych Testing For GI Challenges That Cause Biofilm

See IgG & OATS on Page 2:


See This Interesting Article On Acetic Acid [Apple Cider Vinegar] & Biofilm – Pub Med

When bacteria, yeast or spirochetes talk to each other, they connect for protection. Biofilms result. Stay tuned for more information on what to do with these challenges.

Please do comment if you've used biofilm understandings to take your progress to the next level.

Dr. Charles Parker

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2 Washington University PDF: Emerging Concepts of Biofilms in Infectious Diseases, Missouri Medicine 2009
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