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Genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between right and wrong.
They are conflicts between two rights.
~ Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel


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Dr Charles Parker
My Personal Site for additional speaking experiences with media:

CVMedia Curriculum Vitae With Mission Statement

National Speaker: medical groups and the public – topics include:

  • Psychopharmacology: Using medications correctly, within the framework of science, using very specific interview questions, that specifically identify treatment targets beyond simple description – since 1996.
  • The Impulsive Brain: One Day Review of The Science of Brain and Behavior with Impulsivity – Presented in Scottsdale at IITAP, Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel for Spero Retreat, Wash DC for Psychotherapy Networker, Embarcadero in San Francisco for Neuroscience, and Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA Oct 09.
  • Neurotransmitter Precursors: Taking healthy brain and body interventions to the next level with evaluation of neurotransmitter levels, biomarkers for brain neurochemistry, and specific use of targeted precursors.
  • Diagnosis and Treatment: The current diagnostic manual is operationally useful to those who think only descriptively, but can limit thinking when designing more comprehensive, functional and precise treatment strategies.
  • Brain Imaging: SPECT imaging provides useful, predictive, excellent evidence for many of the disorders in the office, including undiagnosed brain injury, metabolic challenges, Alzheimer's and other Dementia, yes, even ADHD – I worked for many years with Daniel Amen MD to set up his first East Coast Clinic [as Chief Psychiatrist of Amen DC], and fully understand the benefits and limitations of SPECT imaging.
  • Metabolic and Cellular Physiology and Brain Function: Not a researcher, can report with certainty the usefulness of measuring immune system dysfunction for brain disorders. See this interesting, fresh information on epigenetics and Subcellular Resources: http://corepsych.com/walsh-resources
  • The Consequences of Hormone Dysregulation on Brain Function: Often overlooked, the consequences of assessment and correction of these issues using good available evidence is often dramatic. See the Useful References page here.


Author: Two Books

  • Deep Recovery: How to Use Your Most Difficult Relationships to Find Out Who You Are – 1992 Hawkeye Press, [Deep Recovery] Specifics regarding finding the balance point with self and others and how it fits into the complexity of the recovery process – when you realize the limitations of your own control.
  • New ADHD Medication Rules – Brain Science & Common Sense 2012 – Medications are often given with only superficial thinking about the pharmacology and the diagnosis – specific treatment objectives will improve patient care, as does engaging the patient in the process. [Currently a best seller in three categories at Amazon. Recently it hit #3 as a best seller at Kindle in the Nervous System Category.}
  • Hosted my cable TV show: Person to Person [on addiction medicine] back in the early 90's,
  • Hosted an Internet Radio Program CorePsych Radio
  • I love teaching and believe that it will take informed public opinion to correct current outdated practices regarding psychiatric diagnosis and treatments.


Some Additional History Not In Bio:
My mother was a remarkably dedicated family physician, my father was an engineer, a salesman and a fighter pilot [AT-6 and T-33 Flight Instructor during the Korean War], and my brother still takes call as a family physician. In the historical context of WWII and Korea, we were a nomadic family, searching for an identity in place and times – as *the front* and *war times* always seemed just around the next corner.

As a medical intern in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1969, just after being classified 1-A during the Vietnam war, a friend recommended the book that significantly changed my life: Science and Sanity: An Introduction to Non-Aristotelian Systems and General Semantics – it sounds too deep, but spoke about how we communicate, disputes, categorical thinking, labels, and the relationships between thinking, time and change. It drew me down the path of psychiatry, science, discovery and polemics – a place not unfamiliar, even today. Korzybski set the stage for my association with several other Critical Thinkers, listed and linked with videos on this page: Critical Thinking

This year tallies 45 years of practicing psychiatry. The remarkable patient experiences [looking down the barrel of a loaded gun on call at Friends Hospital in Philly], the remarkable mentors [the psychoanalysts in Philadelphia], the Napoleonic psychiatrists, the genius colleagues, the unpredictable commoditization and challenge of managed care… – contemporary practice continues to provide much more than Burma Shave interest along this particular section of two lane blacktop. Why stop working when we're having this much fun?

Most dramatic and regularly observed ongoing psychiatric paradox:

Many use medications to treat ‘attention deficit' labels – while not paying attention to the person and the details. Completely understandable from the perspective of the evolution of science. Most with Attention Deficit actually suffer with profound Attention Abundance – 180 degrees out from the labels.

I have a master plan, am regularly writing about it [over 450 posts with more than 8 years at CorePsych], and will soon be sending out notices to let you know the details about this challenging, ongoing ADHD medication conundrum. My plan to fix this problem is simple, ultra-scientific, replicable, and useful in everyday practice.

Dr Charles Parker
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