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Increased Availability with CorePsych Radio Programs

Heads up for many more CorePsych Radio program choices – only problem: program choice is 52 Pick Up… This quick list can be printed and saved, as for the next 5+ months I will be taking a break from the intensity of the prep work, notification blogging and for the live show.

The folks at My Expert Solutions have a software that will rotate programs – automatically. More shows, regrettably less organization.

To Do List: Pick your best time below to listen, show up on the link over at CorePsych Radio at My Expert Solution Page, listen for which program, download the handout, and get ready for your surprise program.

I  may set up an occasional live show in the meantime, and will blog that prep info before the show. These new live shows will always be aired at the New Live CorePsych Radio time: Tuesday 5 PM ET & 2 PM PT. [You will note that we have added some different times for our English speaking audiences in England and Australia.]

New Pre-Recorded Program Time Choices:

Mon:   7 PM EDT – 4 PM PDT
Tue:    4 PM EDT – 1PM PDT
Wed:   9 PM EDT – 6 PM PDT
Thu:    4 PM EDT – 1PM PDT
Fri:      10 PM EDT – 7 PM PDT
Sat:      6 AM EDT – 3 AM PDT
Sun:     2 PM EDT – 11 AM PDT

Thanks for listening!

Download Programs: To download every CorePsych Radio  program recording, and many other expert commentaries on many topics, go to: My Expert Solution Downloads

Program Topics:

  1. – 2/19/09Intro with Dr Kevin Skinner Hosting: First Program: Review of Upcoming Topics: ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Specific Medications, Bipolar, SPECT Brain Imaging, Hormone Reviews, Immune dysfunction/Brain Dysfunction – facts and evidence regarding the evolving biology of psychiatry.
  2. – 2/26/09 – Tip of the Iceberg: Brain Function & ADHD: The Value of Functional ADHD Diagnosis. Notes for Program: Download PDF: Program Notes #2 Functional ADHD
  3. – 3/5/09 – Meds, Mastery and Metabolic Burn Rates: Clinical Predictability:Many assume that the only variable with meds and metabolic rate is weight – and weight variables are paleolithic news. So many interesting and measurable influences can effect medication function. Notes for this Program: Download PDF Program Notes #3: Meds, Mastery and Metabolic Burn Rates
  4. – 3/19/09 – ADHD: Treating Multiple Diagnoses If you don't get the diagnosis right in the first place the meds will create massive problems with the other diagnostic challenges. See this download handout to follow the presentation. I won't be responding to Tweets on this one as I will be speaking outside of Hartford, CT on that Thursday… it's been prerecorded:   Download PDF Handouts for Program 4
  5. – 3/26/09 – Brain and Immunity: Our Diets Significantly Effect Brain Function: Guest Interview: Dr Russell Jaffe, [Dr Jaffe CV] – Research Molecular and Cellular Physiologist, CEO of LRA by ELISA, – expert on psychoneuroimmunology and the evolution of evidence with brain and immune dysfunction. Dr Jaffe is an international authority on this interesting topic which lays a foundation for most of the chronic refractory psych problems we see so often whilst using only limited traditional intervention strategies. Evolved Evidence in Psychiatric Care: Download PDF Handout: Dr Jaffe Interview
  6. – 4/02/09 – ADHD and Depression: 7 Important Treatment Tips. In this program we go from the basics of differential diagnosis to drug interactions and the complexity of depression treatment with associated ADHD: Download ADHD and Depression Handout – PDF
  7. – 4/09/09 – ADHD and Bipolar Disorder: Diagnostic and Treatment Tips The Bipolar Diagnostic Challenge seems to proliferate more every day – If it moves, has affect, and doesn't respond immediately to simple treatment, call it Bipolar. When I was a kid everything we couldn't identify was called ‘Borderline.' Yes, ADHD and Bipolar do occur together and require specific treatment protocols.: Download PDF Outline Program 7: ADHD and Bipolar
  8. 4/16/09 – ADHD and TBI-Traumatic Brain Injury: Diagnosis and Treatment Tips The diagnosis of TBI is often overlooked, and often treated like bipolar illness when discovered. Tune into CorePsych Radio for these useful clinical updates: Download PDF for Program 8 ADHD and TBI
  9. – 4/23/09 – ADHD Meds: Using the Therapeutic Window You can't get the meds exactly right if you don't use the specifics of the Therapeutic Window: For best efficacy & no side effects, watch for the medication sides, the top, and the bottom –  spelled out in detail. Download ADHD Meds: Therapeutic Window Program 9 PDF
  10. – 5/7/09 – ADHD Meds: The Essentials of Protein for Breakfast This program covers the easy morning info for Moms, and the real protein science for neurotransmitter precursors. Breakfast is a big deal. Download Program 10 Notes: Breakfast Essentials PDF
  11. – 5/14/09 – ADHD Meds and Sleep: Essential Brain Defrag Interventions First we  start from the science of brain recovery to understand the importance of proper sleep – and then we hook  it with specific useful details for treatment. Program 11: ADHD and Sleep – Download PDF
  12. – 5/21/09 – ADHD Medical Teamwork: Setting specific guidelines for working effectively as a medial team. This final  program in this 10 part series is designed to carefully wrap the package that will always provide surprises. Program 12 – Your ADHD Medical Team: PDF Download
  13. – 5/28/09 – Neurotransmitter Precursors: Specifics on the testing and reasons for precursor testing. Precursors are the building blocks for neurotransmitters, and without them the meds don't work. Program 13 Neurotransmitter Precursors PDF
  14. 6/4/09 Neurotransmitters in Brain Health: Two downloads:  program notes – and PDF of the Slide Show.Program 14-Healthy Brain Neurotransmitters PDF and  Slides: neurotransmitters-role-in-health-2008-pdf
  15. – 6/11/09 Neurotransmitters in Stress and Sleep: Measurements can make the difference, and can be corrected whilst using your psych meds. Program 15 Download Outline pdf with slides for program
  16. – 6/18/09 Vyvanse For ADHD: The Complete Story Interesting that many don't know why, how or what on this remarkable new stimulant – Program 16: Outline of discussion in pdf
  17. – 6/25/09 Neurofeedback: The Mind Evolves with Kurt Othmer of EEG Info You will appreciate his humor, intelligence and deep understanding of NFB – Program 17 Neurofeedback Agenda in pdf
  18. – 7/2/09 The Impulsive Brain: The Four Most Confusing Diagnostic Challenges Tune in to review the biologic differences and the new treatment options  Program 18 The Impulsive Brain in pdf
  19. – 7/9/09 Pristiq for Major Depression: The Specifics With any psych drug the differences are in the details, and this one is different, and better. Program 19 Pristiq Details in pdf
  20. – 7/16/09 Those Wrecked By Success: Corporate ADHD Revisited You can't treat it if you can't see it, and the fall from a high ladder can break many things: Program 20 Wrecked by Success Full Outline pdf
  21. – 7/30/09 Why SPECT? A comprehensive overview of how SPECT fits in with contemporary evidence based inquiry. Program 21 Why SPECT? Outline in pdf

Thanks, see you there-


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