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Undermethylation and Depression – Walsh Biotypes
September 13, 2014
Overmethylation and Depression – Walsh Biotypes
September 27, 2014

TotallyADD, Executive Function And The New Technology:
Our Galileo Team Embraces The Latest Neuroscience

Rick and I Don't Know Galileo Personally, But Galileo's Attitude Matches Our Collective Concerns

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Markers Matter at Portland Head Light

I'm very pleased to announce to CorePsych readers that I've been invited by Rick Green, as a 3 Episode Webinar Guest on his webinar site TotallyADD – coming soon in October. Rick is the PBS luminary who wrote and directed the award winning film ADD and Loving It  [See the film trailer here. Then see the schedule for film airing on PBS here.].

Rick takes tough information from the history of hard science, and converts those observations into useful everyday language for street applications globally – with an unfailing sense of humor and an authentic, practical sense of here's-what-works-best. Comedians make science street-smart.

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Book It: Dr. Parker and Rick Green: 3 Dates, 3 Topics

Together we deconstruct puzzling ADHD Medication realities: Rules matter. Three Wednesdays in October: 1st, 15th, & 29th at 6 – 7:30 PM EDT. See the detailed Agenda just below

Cost of Admission: None. Sign up now, everyone will win something. I'll give away 3 of my best-selling New ADHD Medication Rules – Brain Science and Common Sense in paperback to those who sign up for this drawing. And, everyone who signs up for the drawing will also receive a complimentary copy, with no further opt-in for this 25 pg Special Report: Predictable Solutions For ADHD Medications.

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Yes, you could receive both of these gifts for simply signing up, and, if you do, read either of them before the webinars so you'll be more than amply prepared to ask questions at each presentation. This is the best bang for your valuable time, and will encourage an interesting You/Rick/Parker/Galileo discussion process.

These 2 gifts will only become available to those who sign up for the webinars at TotallyADD. If you already have one or both, join us for the most updated information anyway! Neuroscience evidence changes almost everyday, and neuroscience evidence changes thinking.


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Agenda: Galileo, ADHD Medications, & Reality

1. The Why Webinar                Galileo, ADHD, totallyadd

Office Measurements And Brain Function: Why Use Brain Measurement Tools

Agenda: Introductory slides about the history of science: Reality, Change and Pre-Frontal Cortical Executive Function – and New Brain Measurement Tools.
About Humanity: Our prefrontal cortices react to natural change much better than cows and dogs. Our synchronized executive function helps humans adapt to change throughout every life, from childhood to death. With balanced timing in the prefrontal cortex we keep the beat and adjust our dance to changes in everyday reality.

“Function” is your new best friend – your actual Mind-Working Process – mind activity works if you work it. Technology changes brain assessments. Markedly improved mind and brain assessment tools evolve everyday. From the remarkable advances in functional brain imaging, to EEG’s, and computer assessments we can directly see how adaptive your PFC works in the context of the changing reality of your life.

These new mind-tools provide fresh data like Galileo’s telescope. After you see the street relevance of brain function, your own thinking changes. SPECT changed my life – and I’ll tell you how and why SPECT is important, how SPECT opened the brain function doors for me. This program spells out the provocative personal foundation for more precise thinking outlined in the next two webinars, and how it led me to seek even more specific functional answers – down to the new cellular level.

This brief review condenses thousands of hours of assessment into simple,  short, cost-effective screening questions that help to address PFC cognitive activity.

  • Sequential thinking, acting, and remembering are the three most important activities of PFC Executive Function. Working Memory separates us from cows.
  • When Reality changes those with ADHD become desynchronized in that process of  using working memory effectively. Examples from everyday life make brain function assessment easy.
  • Applying these measures improves target recognition for treatment strategies – with whatever treatments used. Without effective targets it's like shooting geese at night. Honk, bang!

For more thoughts on this ADHD Galileo Moment:

As many neuroscientists repeatedly report: If you don't look you can't see.

Video Note: For the recording of this TotallyADD Why Webinar


 2. The How Webinar  totallyadd, adhd medications

Useful Office Measurements: When Executive Function Is Obviously On Or Off

Agenda: How Critical Thinking matters. Just a slight change, a small shift in perspective, can change a person's entire lifetime.
How to Easily Measure Functional Desynchronization [Read: Not Dancing To The Beat of Your Reality]: If our working memory becomes even partially desynchronized, our PFC coping tool becomes rusty and ineffective in the context of that activity. That circumstance, that failure to adjust to changing reality becomes repetitively inefficient, ineffective, over years.

ADHD is not a 24×7 diagnosis; symptoms are Contextual and always directly related to the circumstance and stimulation of the specific Reality in question. In this discussion I will show you exactly how anyone can tease apart working memory for an office assessment of effective Executive Function, then apply those findings for improved medical precision.

Medical Applications: Interesting pharmacology insights often don't make it down to the patient level. But without patient participation the team struggles with imprecise communications. These insights will help you participate more effectively with your medical team. Just a few of the details I'll be sharing with you that could make a big difference in your life are:

  • Serotonin products cannot be used to treat dopamine problems. Antidepressants target serotonin and feelings, stimulants target dopamine and PFC Executive Function.
  • The absolute relevance of Duration of Effectiveness – DOE – for every stimulant medication – every med check.
  • Recognize the 4 Subtypes of Depression and the 2 Subtypes of Anxiety to avoid mixing treatment objectives with differing psych med products or supplement strategies.
  • Understand how mixing antidepressant and stimulant Drug Interactions can create problems with outcomes and create significant, even dangerous side effects.

For additional links to evolving mind-oriented Critical Thinkers – you will love these guys:

As Dr. de Bono observed in one video at this link [ ], the current science is: “Ebne: Excellent, but not enough.”

Video Note: For the recording of this TotallyADD How Webinar


3. The What Webinar

totallyadd, adhd medications

Rick Cares About Details

Measurable Biomedical Functional Reality – And Treatment Failure

Agenda: Specifically what-to-do with these new tools. The essential principles of functional assessments elevate our understandings from reductionistic, limited, frozen, ADHD labels that remain fixed in time – and too often unrelated to real life – to the changing reality of life's circumstances. Use fresh telescopes to identify biomedical ADHD complexity.

Treatment Failure Remains Far To Commonplace.

Consider Body Impediments: The most important fact that creates treatment failure: The body often distorts, confounds, and corrupts what good medicines should accomplish. Brain function suffers at the hands of biomedical, metabolic, body insults. In our collective biomedical innocence the suffering ADHD person, the medications and, more often than not, the doctors, get blamed inappropriately. If you miss the body and only treat appearance labels you could find yourself shooting at the wrong target.

Last time I checked the body was connected to the mind. Medication, indeed all treatment outcomes will improve once the standard of care for ADHD/EFC [Executive Function Challenges] begins to routinely include what the environment and the body does to unbalance the mind.

ADHD is the easily visible tip of the mental health iceberg. 

Epigenetics Matter: From nutrition, to neurotransmitters, to candida, to gluten, casein and eggs – even garlic – what we do to/with our bodies often directly affects brain treatment outcomes. From ADHD, to bipolar to depression and anxiety we're living in a immense state of anti-Galileo biomedical technology denial. Rusty, compromised neurophysiology proves ineffective no matter what treatment strategy – unless it’s first corrected. New data demonstrates the fact that changes between mind and body go both ways.

Interestingly, various medical body experts regularly affirm that these subtle, chronic, body issues aren't valid or relevant – they aren't life and death issues that merit their attention. However, the increasing weight of evidence now affirms the functional reality that body biology alters brain targets. The brain lives downstream from even subtle but profound body impediments.

The good news: These imbalances, the biomedical challenges, are now remarkably measurable – and once identified, more often than not, can be corrected. I'll outline a number of these during this presentation.

Remember: if you don't look you don't see. Let's stop finding blame – register now so you can work with us. Together we can explore the landscape of new solutions – that medically connect both body and brain.

Video Note: For the recording of this TotallyADD How Webinar


Epigenetics Matter

For an interesting Neil Degrasse Tyson [the astrophysicist] link regarding how environment, nutrition and associated genetic alterations[epigenetics] modify otherwise predictable outcomes:  and

Now we're regularly looking at reuptake transporter changes [SERT – DAT]  that absolutely improve ADHD treatment outcome on a sub-cellular level with more at this Dr William Walsh Series of Postings on Nutrient Biotypes at CorePsych.

For a very condensed, 4 page pdf summary of Nutrient Power by Walsh:


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