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July 6, 2014
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July 20, 2014

Stress Is Not Gender Specific

Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.
Randy Pausch

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The Lone Ranger Can Burn Out

On an original heroic journey, the Lone Ranger, with his faithful Indian companion, Tonto, set out to correct the misdeeds in the West. He set out on his journey when the Cavendish Gang ambushed him and his Texas Ranger buddies in Box Canyon – – and he, in PTSD fashion, swore anonymous vengeance for the rest of his life on the bad guys that killed his Texas Ranger brother.

Further Important Personal Research

The Lone Ranger didn't talk much, but you could easily see that he cared about the larger order. Do you know anyone stressed, burned out, and in the process of saving the world? When I lived some childhood years in Dexter, MO one of our colorful neighbors regularly scrambled fried brains with eggs for breakfast. The Hero can fry their brains if he/she doesn't mend their stressful ways. [I always joked when I came home at 12 yo that the vinyl walls in the kitchen seemed to be covered in brain scum. 😕 More Trivia:  This is a picture of the original Lone Ranger Costume direct from The Gene Autry Museum in Griffith Park – in LA – with the cowboy grand kids who didn't know the guy 😉 – and not impressed.]

Serious Video Insights: Arianna Huffington and Dave Asprey On Stress

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For Stressed Men and Women

Stress, burnout, itself can become, and often is, a killer.  Medically stress burns out both your brain and your adrenals – stress is now measurable – biomedically. Solutions for stress are tricky especially if you're a non-recovering workaholic – described in this Video Podcast #133 from Dave's Bulletproof Executive Podcast Series

Arianna and Dave [of Bulletproof Coffee Fame] discuss Arianna's very interesting and medically well documented book on her own challenges with overcoming stress. Interestingly, Arianna and Dave share some similar stories on the process of burning out as they chase success – and their encouraging, proactive recovery process. [Listen to Dave on Bulletproof Coffee – endorsed on this video by Arianna – and review his easy diet recommendations.]

No better time than the summer to review Adrianna's excellent new book Thrive: The Third Metric – and kick it over to your next self.

In Thrive Arianna describes several personal issues including how she completely burned herself out going for two legs on the stool: Power and Money.  [Note: Her Solutions for Stress are significantly well-referenced for the professionals who may wish to recommend Thrive for their clients.] This video interviews condenses in an entertaining review multiple Thrive topics and is well worth the few minutes to help redefine your success path. Also on the book reviews at Amazon check out her interview with my old buddy, Mark Hyman, the Grand Master of biomedical recovery.

Highly Recommended From Stress To Recovery:  An Interesting 47.11 Min


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  1. Danny says:

    Stress is a very serious issue, and it’s shocking how many people suffer from it. Being a workaholic and a perfectionist can cause to much pressure. It’s great to hear different ways of coping and recovering from burning out, thanks for this post.

  2. DeShawn Wert says:

    I love information that deepens our (ADHD) ability to make conscious choices while in transformation! Understanding what are personal strengths are using them deliberately on purpose.


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